22 days until Spring begins! 

And although this has been the "coldest winter Alabama has seen in a long time" there are still many signs that Spring is around the corner.  Last weekend, our little Ludwig family spent the days outdoors, playing in the backyard, going for long walks, and grilling out.  It's February! And just the other day, look what I spied from my living room?!

13 days until Baby's arrival! 

That's less than two weeks, people! I have finally reached that 'magical' point in pregnancy where everything hurts, nothing fits, and I am just plain whiney.  By this time in my pregnancy with Harrison, he was born, so venturing past 37 weeks is unchartered territory for me!  I see my OB again on Monday, where they will do yet another ultrasound to ensure his head is still poking in my ribs (I can assure them this without an ultrasound!)  And then only one more appointment after that... who is counting?! 

We are ready to meet this little person, who Brian and I both fear will be near 10 pounds!  Even though our sweet little Harrison is not that old, I miss that squishy baby feeling.  

This will probably be my last belly picture, as I haven't found a photo editing program to decrease facial chunk or thigh chub (instead I blur the edges, hoping you won't notice!)  


My Two Boys

Is this picture not the cutest?  Maybe I am just a little partial to the two dudes in it?! 
Total studs!

Weekend Highlights

Check out Harrison and Baby Luds' new ride...
*Brother Wanted*
Thrilled with the ball up his shirt

Bama Buddies' Bday!

Harrison's little girlfriends (and our only friends here!) turned one last week.  Their birthday party was the perfect opportunity to snag another group photo of our Alabama buddies--the attempt failed miserably, but the picture is still pretty cute. 

The gang!
The birthday girls!


36 weeks

I had my 35-36 week OB appointment on Monday and our little stinker is still breech.  So we have officially scheduled a C-section for March 11th at 8 am.  While it is still possible for him to turn to a head down position, the chances get slimmer as the days go by.  So barring anything crazy happening (like going into labor on my own!) this baby will be born in 20 days! 

Overall, I continue to feel well.  Limited swelling in my hands and ankles (although my wedding rings haven't fit in quite some time) and my blood pressure and blood counts have been stable.  I continue to gain weight, probably more than my share! I am loving McDonald french fries, root beer floats and orange slushies from Sonic, garden veggie cream cheese with crackers and fountain Cokes!  All of these things are definitely NOT helping in the weight gain area.  Oh well...the baby likes them!  


Babes in the Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo offers a class called Babes in the Zoo that introduces young toddlers to different animals.  Yesterday was "fast animal" day.  Harrison saw a falcon, a ferret, an alligator, a lizard and a guinea pig.  He loves to point and look at the animals.  Here are a couple of photos from yesterday.  (PS nevermind the tired momma in the picture--this whole pregnancy thing is starting to catch up with me)

Axel the Lizard
Twister the Ferret


17 months

It's hard to believe that Harrison is 17 months old already.  He has changed into a little boy before our very eyes.  

What he is up to these days:
-stacking 5-6 blocks and then putting them precisely back into the bag
-stacking and sorting anything (see picture below)
-playing MegaBlocks... he can stack about 8-10 without help
-reading books is a constant activity.  We read nearly 20 books a day (sometimes over and over and over again) Faves include Brown Bear, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Goodnight Moon
-he says "up" "brrr" and "yes" And yes, that's it (for now anyways!)
-loves his Mr. Potato Head
-loves to play outside and push his car around the yard
- puts together 8 shape puzzles (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, trapezoid, octagon and pentagon) 
-can point to his belly button, eyes, hair, ears, feet, hands, nose, tongue and mouth
-identifies horse, dog, cat, bird, pig, duck, mouse
-favorite toons (even though I swore I would not have a TV watching child) Wonder Pets, Max & Ruby and Olivia and HAS to sit in his PBK chair
-loves storytime at the library and dancing to "Beanbag Rock"
-favorite foods- turkey dogs with ketchup, peanut butter sandwiches, peas, clementines, blueberries, Plum Organic's fruit mish-mash (which I highly recommend!)
-helping momma do anything-unloading dishwasher, making juice, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, folding laundry
Mountains of Books
Making alphabet soup
Our little juice maker
Still sick, so nevermind his hair and nose
Likes to wear his hat like Daddy

Waiting for Baby

At 35+ weeks now, we are getting everything ready for the new little man's arrival (who does finally have a name!).  It feels so different this time around. And since we will be moving in July, it seems silly to hang special frames and decorate a nursery to the max.  I feel a little guilty that we haven't made a special "home" for him like we did for Harrison.  Brian and I say that "one day" we will not be moving every year and our boys will have a room totally decked out.

But for now, he has a crib with very cute bedding (biased opinion, for sure).  My mom came down for a few days to bring us our new crib (that I got for a steal!) as I want to keep Harrison behind bars for as long as he will let me! I have some other cutesy little things for his room, but I haven't quite got them up yet (see post below about our lovely illness filled week) 
For now, here is a peek at where he will lay his head
I pretty much pink puffy heart L-o-V-e this bedding
Daddy's purchase for Baby
Coming home outfit
Carseats installed-- big brother 'helped'



We've been MIA for a week due to the lovely presence of illness in our house.  Harrison started with a snotty nose and fever on Monday, which landed us at the pediatrician.  We came home with the diagnosis of an ear infection and a prescription for good 'ol Amoxicillin.  I also believe we had the unwelcome visitor of Rotavirus that greeted Harrison for the first time (so much for that vaccine, I guess.) I finally ended up with the nagging cold, so we were out of commission.   

Saving graces for the week of hibernation: a water bottle, 24 hours of Nick Jr. cartoons
and naptime


Harrison loves his little lady friends, Charlotte and Adelaide.  The girls will turn one next week.  And even though there is a definite size difference between them, Harrison and the girls play together really well.  Here are a couple pictures of the three of them from Superbowl Sunday.  It was a big, fat FAIL on trying to get them all to look at one time.  

Addie, Harrison and Charlotte

Harrison "loving" on one of his ladies



This picture captures the true boy that Harrison is becoming.  Running after a ball on a chilly winter day and having the time of his life! It looks as if he is taking off like an airplane. 

"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying."  
~Friedrich Nietzsche~


Puppies and Potties

My parent's dog, Lola, has been living with us since December as they purchased a new home in Indy and are settling in.  Poor Lola has been subjected to Harrison's pulling, tugging and general playfulness, but she has been a trooper.  The other day I found him stacking cups on her head, while she just laid there.  I think she was actually falling asleep despite his "lovin" as we call it!

Poor Lola
Leaning in for some puppy smooches
Maybe she's just playing "dead"

So call us naive, but Brian and I bought Harrison a potty.  While we are not completely ignorant, we thought it would be a good idea to start exposing him to the potty and if he potty trains early, we will consider ourselves lucky.  He doesn't show ANY of the readiness cues, but knowing that little boys take longer to train than girls, I thought we would take our chances on introducing it a little early.  Sometimes the smell of his dirty diapers makes me gag, so if I can shorten the time he poops his pants, I will try it!

Harrison--meet potty! (He has his diaper on. No way I would let him chill 
de-panted on my rug!)
And this is what he thought of his new froggy friend