Storytime and Swimming Holes

We went to our last storytime today at the local library.  The kiddos had a blast singing "Beanbag Rock" and "Wheels on the Bus." Harrison thoroughly enjoyed the goldfish snack and bubbles that Miss Kat (the librarian) was so kind to give them.  We will definitely miss our Wednesday library visits! 

We also ventured to the swimming hole.  The temps have been in mid-90s (nearly 100 with the heat index) and just plain miserable.  So on went the swim diapers and adorable swim trunks and we were off.  Harrison loves to splish splash in the pool and Brooks enjoyed getting his toes dipped.  We only lasted about an hour before the coinciding meltdowns occurred... which was my cue to get the heck out of dodge.  I was happy to get some cute pics before we left.  

Addie, Harrison, and Charlotte

Harrison in a Hat

My child came across his baptismal outfit, including his bonnet.  So he was off running throughout the house without anything on except a bonnet.  Thank goodness the blinds were closed! I can only imagine what the neighbors would have said!


My Daddy, M.D.

My Daddy, M.D.
Whenever Daddy signs his name
he always signs "M.D."
so everyone will know
that he belongs to me.

For M.D. means "My Daddy"
or something just the same.
And that is why he always
puts these letters in his name.

Some letters in his name are small,
but these are not, you see.
He always makes them big like that
because he's so proud of me.

Happy Father's Day Brian! We love you!
With Harrison 9/08
Christmas '08
Spring '09
Christmas '09
Winter '09
With Brooks 3/10
Spring '10


Gardendale Splash Park!

We headed out to "G-dale" as the Birminghamians call it with our good buds, the Campbell's.

The backseat of the car full o' tots!
Addie, Harrison and Charlotte making a splash
Keeping cool
Momma and her boys!


So long Alabama

Our adventure in Alabama is quickly coming to a close and what better way to celebrate than to have a good 'ol fashioned barbecue! Our 'Bama buddies, the Sytsma's, hosted a fabulous dinner on Saturday.  The men entertained the sweaty kids outdoors with bubbles and popsicles while the mommas enjoyed adult convos and a bottle of vino.  

The crew (Brooks is hiding behind Katie's head)
While the men have been galavanting around the country, enjoying steak dinners and attending National Championship football games, us wifeys have had some great playdates and made some incredible friendships along the way.  I never thought in a million years I would say this, but I *think* I might miss it here. 

My Bama buddy, Jen (who saved me from insanity)


Packing Up and Heading Out

Lots of news to report in the latest issue of the Ludwig Times.

I got a job!  After staying home with the boys this year, I realized that I really did miss working. Some mommas are meant to be stay-at-home moms. Me... not so much.  I love my sweet babies, but I also love adult conversation and having "me" time, even if that means having "me" time at work.  So I hunted for the perfect job and I actually found it (or so I hope).  I will be working full-time days (in nurse speak that is 3 12 hours days a week) at a Level II NICU at IU Hospital in Indy.  I start July 6th.  Ahh!  I must admit I am a little intimidated.  I mean, I haven't worked in over a year.  And I haven't worked in a NICU in a couple of years.  I'm sure once I get in there with those sweet little preemies, I will feel right at home again.  

So with a new job starting in less than a month, that means I am in full packing mode.  The house is full of boxes (with naked toddlers crawling in them!) It is REALLY hard to pack up your house when there are 4 people living in it.  We found a wonderful townhome on Indy's southside that will work perfectly for us for the one year we plan on renting.  3 bedrooms, a loft, 3 bathrooms and an attached 2 car garage... awesome.  The boys and I are moving June 28th (umm that is 17 days)  Brian is not finished with his fellowship until the end of July. Thankfully I will have my parents' help with the kiddos and my sanity.  

And lastly, Brian is almost finished with his training!  5 years of undergrad (Iowa), 4 years of med school (Iowa), 5 years of residency (Wisconsin) and 1 fellowship year (Alabama) and now at the ripe old age of 33, he will get his first real job (Indiana)! He is pretty psyched and a little nervous, which is to be expected.  He has already been assigned a high school team to cover and hopefully the patients will come running to him.  :) 

Crazy toddler in a box
Crazy toddler in my shoes
And the reason why I have a crazy toddler:
Potty Training!  (He actually has been
quite successful so far!)
Love this one:  he insists on wearing these darn 
boots inside the house- and on the wrong feet.
Two tuckered out boys


Brooks:3 months

Good Morning Sunshine!
Smiley Boy


Say it's SNOT so...

Thursday afternoon we headed north to Indianapolis.  From the moment we left Bama, it was chaos.  Both boys had colds.  They both cried for a majority of the 8 hour car trip.  And lucky momma got to sit in between the carseats for about 5 hours of that trip.

Friday was filled with interviews, house-hunting, pictures for Brian and snot and coughing.We had hoped to see more friends and family, but the boys had other plans.  Sunday the snot and coughing was worse for baby Brooks so we scoped out a childrens' ER while in Indy.  Bronchiolitis. Lovely.  We are now home and hopefully will be on the mend soon.

Lunch at GiGi and Grandpa's
When there is no pool, you play in a bucket of water
"playing chalk"- look how pitiful he looks
After our ER trip
Bathtime in GiGi and Grandpa's BIG tub! (which he hated)
Watching toons with Grandpa