In a last ditch effort to get Harrison in the tub, I offered to add bubbles to the bath.  He was intrigued and hopped right in.  Success!



Happiness is your best friends!

My besties, Brittany and Jen, came to Birmingham for a long weekend and what fun we had.  They left their littles at home and ventured down to entertain my peanuts.  We chatted about how different our lives have become now that we have 5 children between us (and one on the way!) and we reminisced about our college days.  I can't wait to get back to Indy with these ladies! Thanks for the visit girlies!! Love you!

Jen brought her fancy camera down and captured some simply 
amazing photos of my boys! 

Love it!!

Frame worthy!
It was "A Day" on Saturday hence the matching
Alabama shirts
Happiness is your family!

My momma and daddy surprised us this weekend with an impromptu visit to Bama, as well.  I was shocked when I called my dad and asked what he was doing and his response was "sitting outside your house!" This was my dad's first time seeing Brooks and I am pretty sure he fell in love with him (minus the 4 hour colicky crying Saturday night). 
Happiness is your true love!
Me and my handsome hubs! 


6 weeks!

Baby Brooks is 6 weeks old today! Look at those big (almost) 
brown eyes! Love 'em!

People often ask if we think Brooks looks like Harrison.  So here is a pic of Harrison and Brooks at similar ages.  Judge for yourself. What do you think?

6 weeks
6 weeks


Colic: A 5 letter word

Yes, my dear friends, Brooks is colicky.  He is quite the unhappy camper in the evenings and enjoys non-stop eating.  My bum and the rocking chair have become great friends. We rock. We sway. He cries. We rock some more. We swaddle. He cries.  This cycle of events goes on for hours until he finally conks out.  Apparently, after my Google searching, colic usually only lasts 12 weeks, with a peak in fussiness at 6 weeks.  Guess who turns 6 weeks old tomorrow? So that means we are half way there... I am being positive.  

Brooks is still eating quite frequently, usually every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night.  He is starting to 'chunk up' just like Harrison did.  I am guessing he weighs close to 11 pounds these days.  He has been smiling, which makes the endless rocking fests we have every evening totally worth it.  He loves his swing, long walks in his stroller and cuddling with his momma.  

Harrison has been keeping busy exploring the backyard.  He collects pinecones, sticks and other random yard treasures and puts them in his bucket.  He is all boy and comes in covered in dirt every night.  He is fascinated with airplanes, trucks and balls right now.  "What's that?" is his favorite question and I feel like I am constantly repeating myself... "that's a plane buddy" or "that's a big white truck" only to say the same thing five minutes later.   

Yesterday was total chaos.  Everyday is chaos now, but yesterday afternoon was a cluster.I thought we would come outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  The boys had a different agenda.  Brooks was screaming, Dakota was barking and Harrison was climbing into the pool with his clothes and shoes on.  So I stripped Harrison down and threw on a swim diaper and let him run.  Brooks had to wait while I wrangled the dog.  Within 30 minutes, I had a content and fed baby, a soaking wet toddler and an angry dog.  Comical chaos. 

Harrison sporting the swim diaper and no shorts
(and his hideous water shoes!)


Sweet Sunshine!

We had a little pool party yesterday because the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  85 and sunny. The kids had a blast and so did the mommas!
 Now if I had a fruity drink in my hand, I would be in heaven!

Showing off

The Mouse is 1 Month Old!

Brooks, our little mouse as we affectionately call him (but don't let that nickname fool you; he sometimes turns into a RAT with his screams!!) turned a month old on Easter Sunday. It's hard to believe that a month has passed since he was born.  He is getting so big, so fast.  I feel like he has lost most of his little newborn look, which makes me sad.  While I wish for the sleep deprivation from the 2-3 hour feeding schedules to pass quickly, I really do love the newborn phase.  They are so stinking cuddly and smell delicious.  But you can't stop time.  He was less than thrilled at the time of these photos, so forgive that scrunched up angry face.  He really is a sweet boy.
ONE month! 
Brooks with his Easter bunny (thank you GiGi and Grandpa)


Our Easter was pretty low-key.  The morning started at 4:30am when baby Brooks decided it was time to start his day.  He was impatient for his 1st Easter to begin!  Silly little boy. Harrison was excited to open his baskets, but was most interested in the grass and empty eggs! Check out all that loot!  Our neighbor friends (aka our Alabama family) had us over for a delicious brunch, complete with a little egg hunt for the kiddos.  The day was beautiful!  And it was even better after both boys napped at the same time, allowing momma and daddy to sneak a snooze in as well! 
Spoiled boy
Egg Scavenger
Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  I forgot to pack his basket
so he had to collect his eggs in a diaper waste
bag! Poor kid.
Checking out the goods. I found it odd that the candy that was 
in the eggs was Fireballs, gum, and peppermints.
Harrison couldn't eat any of it. More for momma!
Harrison and his girlfriends, Charlotte and Addie
They were all wearing seer-sucker stripes! Love it! And 
totally not planned.  They just have moms with great
fashion sense!


Adorable in April!

I know I'm a little biased, but I think I may just have the cutest kids ever.  
Happy Easter, friends!! 

Brooks wasn't the most cooperative little guy 
in my picture taking escapade
... and clearly wasn't a fan of Harrison's kisses