Toys Toys Toys

Obsession with new play things... 

Angry Birds on the iPad is Harrison's absolute favorite thing.  And he's really good at it! 

Baby Girl Luds' bedding came today, so Brooks made great use with the box! 

Momma is Fun Sometimes

Daddy has been busy with work so Momma has been keeping the boys occupied with cooking, playing games and lots of cuddle time!  With Harrison in school 5 mornings a week, it's been hectic lately with LOTS of driving! So the more time we spend doing 'nothing' is fine with this tired momma. 

Pancake Night! 

Snuggles with Momma after nap time! 

22 Weeks

This belly has popped out!  I am 22 weeks today and I am so thankful to be moving along in this pregnancy without any complications.  

We have started preparing for her arrival, too.  We will putting the boys in the same room (WoW--never thought I'd be saying that!) and hoping they adjust well and well you know...SLEEP! Baby girl will go into Brooks' current room, but not before that room is painted a nice pretty shade of pink. :) Her bedding and fabric has been ordered.  Her little nursery will be aqua and pink, with a paisley pattern and some cute ruffled curtains (might as well go all out, right?!)

The growing belly... and don't mind all the crap in the background...that's typical life. Laundry, dirty towels, and all the junk in between. 

Pantry Thieving

Have I mentioned potty training? We are about half way there with Mr. Brooks, so most days he is without pants.  Apparently he was hungry and needing a snack, so he just helped himself to some goodies. Mind you, out of ALL the junk food in the pantry, he grabbed cream of wheat!



Harrison started preschool on Monday! He will go 5 days a week from 9-12 and has thoroughly enjoyed his first 2 days.  His best bud Deidrick is in his class and those two are inseparable! 

Look how big my little boy is! He will be FOUR in just a few weeks!

Brooks was ecstatic to start school today! He will go 2 days a week, also from 9-12.  Miss Regina, who helped out in Harrison's class last year is in Brooks' room, so Brooks immediately ran to her! He didn't even take off his backpack! 

Here is saying CHEEEEEESE! More like "geez momma take me to school and stop taking my picture!"


This Dog...

This dog... Pippa has been a bit of a handful lately.  While she looks so innocent and beautiful, don't be deceived! Let me tell you a story! 

Brooks is potty-training and while most days he is pant-less, Tuesday he managed to poop on the floor without me knowing.  I have the world's greatest sniffing nose, but apparently this poo was not a fragrant one.  I laid the boys down for a nap, put the dog in her kennel and then laid down myself.  I was woken 30 minutes later by Harrison who was holding my glasses prescription scribbled with permanent marker.  He had informed me that he and Pippa were going on a treasure hunt and that was his map.  Ugh, I motivated myself to crawl out of bed when I hear "Pippa we're on a treasure hunt and you found a BIG POOP!" I came running into the living room as Harrison starts telling me that Pippa found a poop and ate it.  Disgusting, but deep down I thought, oh sweet, I don't need to clean that up!

Fast forward to dinner time.  I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for the boys when Harrison informs me that Pippa puked in the living room.  Yep that's right folks, she barfed up Brooks' poop on my rug.  Not the hardwood floors that cover my entire house! I wrapped my head in a towel and went into clean up mode.  Harrison told me I looked like a super hero with my mask on! 

Looking all innocent with her sweet little poop mouth propped up on my pillows

Cute, huh?

Body Paint

Our sweet nanny, Miss Catherine, who has been watching the boys since I returned to work in January moved home to Ohio a week ago.  We were fortunate enough to find a replacement quickly, but the boys sure do miss the fun they had with Catherine.  She sent me this picture last night of the boys doing their "body paint."  I often told her that she was a better/cooler mom than me! 


Growing Up!

These two little monkeys are quickly growing up into little boys.  I took the boys today to Lowe's to pick out some paint colors for the nursery and I let the boys choose a building craft.  Harrison was all about building his race car, I built Brooks' for him because he had totally lost interest.  

Building away

Harrison showing off his big muscles! He is most looking forward to his 16th birthday because he will be able "to drive his GMC truck, drink large McDonald's cokes and text on a cell phone!" Eek!

We took the boys to a mini festival at a local church where the boys got their faces painted, pet some farm animals and got balloons.  I thought it was a tad lame, but they had fun! 
Love this sweet picture of Brooksey. 


We love spicy foods... Brooks included.  I especially love all things jalapeno during this pregnancy! Brooks thought he would give some jalapeno chips a try, too... and he loved them.