Growing Up

Harrison seems to learn something new everyday.  He is quite stubborn and has satisfactorily learned how to throw a major fit (I thought that didn't happen for another year!?).  He loves to empty out drawers, play in the dog's water dish, pull all his toys off the shelves, and smear food everywhere.  But he loves to read books, play outside, twirl my hair when he's sleepy, and go for walks.  He is such a sweet and totally chill baby... most of the time! 

Hanging out with poppa 
(a rare occasion that Brian is actually home before the sun goes down)
Check out those 8 teeth!

GiGi and Grandpa sent Harrison a Radio Flyer wagon 
for his 1st birthday!
Taking a ride with Dakota



We headed to a little splash park yesterday with some friends.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but Harrison had a blast.  He crawled around until his knees were red!  He was one tired little boy after two hours and I was sure he would nap for an eternity.  Much to my disappointment, he didn't nap AT ALL!  Needless to say, we were happy when Daddy got home last night (or at least Momma was!) 

I forgot to mention that the splash park doesn't close until October!! Yeah for warm weather!


Our Neighbor

So I have been saying that there are some big bugs here in the South.  Well, the other night, we met one of our little neighbors.  Meet Charlotte, who spends her evening spinning giant webs. 

Seriously, doesn't this thing look awful? Wonder if it's poisonous... 


Big Boy Haircut

So the time had come for Harrison to get his hair cut.  He looked slightly sloppy with hair growing over his ears!  So we hunted around B-ham for a kid friendly salon and found a great little place called Sweet & Sassy.  The kiddie salon/spa is used mainly for little girl birthday parties, complete with mini-manis/pedis! (how fun, right?!)  But they also do a special little 1st haircut package.  I was sold.  So what if he was hanging out with little girls covered in glitter making their own princess lipgloss!

Goldfish and Cheerios kept him still (and happy)
Loved how his cape read "cool dude"--check out that mohawk!
After bathtime, looking like a big boy
And after his hair dried, it was right back to standing straight up


Birthday Hat

I have been busy trying to plan a little birthday gathering for Harrison's big day.  It's hard to believe he is just a few weeks shy of turning 1!  Time flies!  We went to Party City last weekend to peruse their goodies.  They had a ton of 1st birthday hats!  Harrison is totally posing in this one! I love it!  Too bad he pulled the hat off seconds after this was taken.  

Food Fight!

While Harrison thinks it's quite hilarious, I do NOT.  He has not only learned to smear his food everywhere (walls, face, hair, etc...) but he has now learned to feed the dang dog.  Dakota couldn't be happier.  She just waits patiently next to the highchair waiting for the smallest morsel of food to drop.  Lucky for her, there is constantly food dropping!  I wish I had some pictures of the messes I have cleaned, but I think I am too mad at the time to take pictures! :)

His new "scrunch" face

McWane Science Center

Harrison and I have been on a number of outings with our new friends here in Birmingham.  Last week, we visited the McWane Science Center, which was a ton of fun.  Honestly, if I didn't have to watch Harrison every millisecond, I would probably have had a hayday by myself.  :)

Lindy and Anika 
Harrison with new girlfriend Hailey (2 days younger than the big guy)
Choo Choo
Cole and Harrison-they both loved the water table!



One Foot in Front of the Other

Check out this cute little video of Harrison cruising with his toy.  He walks slightly like an old man with a walker, but it's cute anyways.  He will be picking up the ladies anytime.  


The New Kid on the Block

No, not the group... Our little Alabama surprise (who looks shockingly similar to a gummi bear!) is all of 8 weeks old.  The little pea is healthy and strong, according to yesterday's ultrasound.  Anticipated arrival date is March 18th. 

We are quite excited about this unexpected surprise.  And yes, I know we will have our hands full.  Only 10 people have told us that already!  


"What you looking at"

These pictures crack me up, so I thought I would share.