Momma's Goal--

Running... I try, but have not built up any endurance yet.  So if you pass me "running" pretend you don't know the panting girl who can barely keep her feet moving.  I'd be too embarrassed to know anyone saw me.  :)  The good thing is that Harrison doesn't laugh at my lack of ability.  He is content to just chill in his jogger.  

Brian had the ENTIRE weekend off... free from rounding, studying or even thinking about a patient.  So we headed to Blue Mound State Park on Sunday for a little hiking.  We threw Harrison in the Bjorn and off we went.  It was great to be outside; the weather was beautiful. Harrison eventually fell asleep.  Sadly, I think that will be his last time in the Baby Bjorn.  I'm pretty sure he is over the weight limit!!


Field Trip

Harrison and I trekked across southwestern WI into Iowa to visit Aunt Keri, Aunt Julie, Madalynn and Grandma.  We spent the afternoon at Aunt Keri's house.  She lives on a humongous farm in Guttenburg.  There were lots of opportunities for the girls to school me (the city mouse) on tractors and farm life. :)  We had a blast.  Harrison loved sitting outside in the fresh air and being spoiled by grandma, who bought him a boatload of new toys.     

*Grandma and Baby Madalynn
*Auntie Keri and the bean*


Let's poll the audience...

So Brian dressed Harrison this morning.  This is what he was wearing.  I laughed out loud.  Brian's feelings got hurt because he thought he did a great job on his choice of outfit.  What do you think?  Does this match? (Or fit???)


Sunshine and Green Grass

We are IN LOVE with the warmer weather.  And Harrison has enjoyed showing off his chubby thighs!

Harrison's First Tractor Ride

Grandpa Ludwig took Harrison on his 1st tractor ride yesterday afternoon.  He was a little sleepy, but I think he enjoyed his brief spin on the John Deere!  I think Grandpa had just as much fun as the little man.


They even fight over Dakota's rubber chicken!  


Pears-Yum! Peas-Gag!

I've been experimenting with making baby food for awhile, but always veggies and fruits.  So this past week, I thought I would try doing a chicken combo with peas.  While I thought my concoction was pretty tasty, Harrison was NOT a fan of mom's homemade cooking!