Easter 2011

Easter was fun-filled this year.  Between the sugar highs and chocolate meltdowns, we enjoyed several egg hunts, church and a family lunch at GiGi and Pa's house!
Happy Easter, friends!

Saturday: Egg Hunt (Rainy weather=boots with super cute outfits) 

 Scoping out where the eggs are with Pa

ALL the kids hunting for eggs... thankfully they were divided by age group

Brooks scavenging 

Attempt at a family picture=impossible

Decorating Easter cookies with Momma

One.Messy.Child. But he was entertained while we decorated

Harrison had to put every last piece of candy on these cookies

 The final products

Mr. Easter Bunny has visited!

Ready for church (with bellies full of chocolate)

Sweet boys 

More egg hunting

Tearing open the goods!! 


Looking back...

I love how when we upload new photos on the Mac, it shows the whole year's worth of photos.  So when I'm feeling sentimental, I browse through what life was a year ago that day.  It fascinates me how fast time has gone and how quickly my boys are growing.  It's been a crazy year and I know that the next few years will fly by.  So this time last year, here's what my babies looked like (I won't add any pics of what I looked like... postpartum in hot stuffy Alabama didn't suit me very well!)

Slides, Swings and Shades

April has been bringing many showers to Indy, so our park playdates have been few and far between.  However, we were able to sneak out last week for an afternoon of sunshine.

Harrison in his shades on the slide

On the see-saw with a little pal
 Peek-a-boo Brooks!


 I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (except a Reese cup!), so it shocks me that my boys love it so much!
 Harrison says "mmm chock-it puddin'!" or "mmm I neeeed some chock-it ice keem" to which I say "that's a fantastic idea Harrison. Oh Daddy, we NEED ice-keem!"  

This was after Harrison pushed the pudding
pack onto Brooks' face!


Saturday Sunshine

We were so thankful for a dose of sunshine this weekend.  We were itching to dig out our new summer duds and of course POPSICLES! While this momma did get quite the "farmers burn" (thank you fair skin and freckled complexion) the boys already have a little suntan.  

Brooks on the move
 He was running away from me because he didn't want Brooks to touch HIS car
 Finally getting a turn
 And lastly a deliciously cold summer treat!

Waiting, Wishing

Do you ever have pictures that remind you of song lyrics? 

"Well I've been sitting, waiting, wishing..."
A good ol Jack Johnson song depicts this photo pretty well. 
Harrison seems a little bored with his life, huh?