Our Pippa

Our sweet pup is 4 months old.  She is a good girl, but she does like to chew, jump and occasionally pee on the floor... but hey, that's puppies, right?! 

Pippa sporting her new Alabama collar. Roll Tide!

Harrison giving Pip some love.  She loves the boys (and the morsels of food they drop) and the boys will cuddle with her any chance they can get.  

Berries Tents and Ice Cream

GiGi came to Georgia and Daddy went to Minneapolis.  And we had a blast!

The boys enjoyed popcorn in their makeshift tent, watching Robots.

Loving homemade ice cream at Lane's! 

Strawberry picking with GiGi.  It was nearly 90 that morning, but everyone had fun despite the sweat and gnats! 

Digging for the good ones!

Harrison's new favorite thing to do is HOPSCOTCH! 


Painting Fun!

The boys love painting! Brooks may have eaten a paintbrush full of blue paint once or twice, but it's all non-toxic! What they love even more is how excited GiGi, Pa and Great Grandma get when they get them in the mail! 


Momma's Day 2012

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" - E. Stone

These little boys made me a momma.  
And although there are moments in the day when I want to scream, they keep me on my toes and laughing.  Love them.  

Goofy Guys

Brooks has discovered a love for pickles! Mmm! 

Harrison and Pippa before Harrison's school program

Brooksey booty!

At Publix decorating cakes for Mother's Day.  Notice the pink stiletto and the pound of sprinkles?! 
It was delish!

Finally decided to be a responsible parent and invest in some helmets for these crazies... 
Brooks didn't want his picture taken. 

SBK Graduation Program

Harrison had his preschool graduation program Thursday night.. and how sweet were these kiddos.  You can see Harrison on the left-hand side next to his buddy Deidrick.  

This is Mrs Johnson, Harrison's 3k teacher.  She was wonderful and we will certainly miss her!


Mr. Mischief

This boy is trouble!
Stole a bag of chips out of the pantry and was hiding from me while he snacked.


Driven by food, he was scaling the island in search of donuts...and got stuck. 

Love cooking "alphabet soup" with momma's pans!