A Day out with Thomas

We spent a couple hours down in Cordele to visit Thomas today. We went last year, as well.  Brooks was too young and Harrison was sick... needless to say it was a bust.  But this year was much better!

Brooks was so excited this year! 

Headed out over Lake Blackshear

Sweet boys in their conductor hats! 

Mish Mash

A bunch of mish-mash photos!

Sweet Brooks threw a monster fit that he wasn't included in Harrison's Fall Party at school
A cupcake seemed to resolve that

Harrison and his buddy Deidrick at their Fall Party

I was eating an apple and peanut butter and someone was begging...

Brian started a new shake diet... this is how the boys feel about the blender


Car Wash!

It was a beautiful Saturday here in Georgia today.  The boys helped Brian wash the car.  They both ended up drenched, but hey when it's 80 degrees in October, you can't really be too mad! 

Brothers Share a Room!

With the addition of a baby sister in two months, we decided to put the boys in the same room (that way we can still have a guest room) I think the boys like sharing, however it's been an adjustment.  When Harrison gets up to ask for "one more drink of water" he has a mini-me standing next to him asking for the same.  When one kid gets up at 6:45, the other kid is sure to follow.  

This will most likely be temporary, as we hope to finish our basement.  The guest suite will then move downstairs and the boys will have their own rooms again.  But for now, this works!   

Big boy beds! 



We love Fall! I love pumpkin candles burning, leaves crunching and the crisp cool air.  But Fall in Georgia is not like Fall in the Midwest, so we have the candles burning but there definitely aren't any leaves crunching or cool air blowing! 

The boys were so excited about doing pumpkins this year! That is until we told the boys they needed to scoop out the pumpkin guts! 

This is Harrison's first 'scoop' He quickly told Brian he could finish it! 

Family shot

Here's our sweet Pippa girl
We adore her (most of the time!) 

The boys and their finished pumpkins (thanks to Momma and Daddy who carved these out while the boys ran around like crazy people!)
Harrison's is an Angry Bird and Brooks chose a ghost!

29 weeks

Hello 3rd trimester! Hello ginormous belly!
Baby girl is growing right along (and so are my thighs!) We are hoping to meet her before Christmas Day and will probably schedule the C-section the week of the 16th, with the hopes of having a natural delivery prior to! 



That's me... All 27 weeks and 5 days worth.  That's a big momma.  Here's the update: About 2 weeks ago, I had some extreme swelling (think thigh high) and high blood pressure.  After a few days of bedrest that didn't help with my blood pressure and some increased contractions, my OB thought it was best for me to be done with work and stick to a modified bedrest.  

Today I feel mostly OK, but I'm battling headaches and an overall feeling of crumminess. We are taking it day by day.  Tomorrow we get to sneak a peek at our sweet baby girl.  The ultrasound is to ensure that she is still growing and thriving in there.  I'll post a picture!