Office ReDo

Ah! I'm loving the finished product of our home office.  The tan molding, governors paneling, painted ceiling and window trim was a bit extreme.  So we had a little overhaul this week.  
The new furniture should arrive in the next few weeks.... and we can then cross this room of our To Do list! 



Itty Bitty Surgeons

Harrison is so curious about everything recently.  He wants to know when he's going to be 16 (so he can drive) when he's going to be a dad, when he's going to be an adult, etc... 
The other day, he was going on and on about how when he grows up, he's going to be a doctor and do surgery "just like my Dad!" He said he would do surgery at the same hospital as Daddy,  and that Daddy would have to share his hammer with him.  

The best part was when he said "But I am going to drive a GMC truck when I'm a doctor.  Don't worry Brooks, I am going to have a carseat for you in there." 

Playing dress up with Daddy!

Itty Bitty Surgeons 


Pudding Pops!

Mmm! Pudding pops are so divine when the weather is hot and sticky! 

Little Picasso

Harrison's learning how to draw people.  Not too shabby for a 3 year old! He wanted to make sure his person wasn't bald, so that explains the tuft of hair on top of the head.  


S'mores and Camp Outs!

What could be more fun than s'mores and camping out in the playroom with Daddy on Father's Day weekend? 

Check out that ooey gooey yumminess! 

We got this fancy tent for our wedding (5 years ago) and finally broke it out so they could play. 

And Harrison is still asleep in the tent (9:10 pm) but Brooks couldn't stop fiddling with every little thing, so he's back in toddler bed prison. :)

New Jammies

I sure do love a good sale at Gap.  I especially love finding cutesy jammies for $3.00 too! Although these jams were bought for this Fall/Winter, the boys were too excited to wait. So even though it's 90 degrees outside and our AC runs constantly, we are sporting long sleeve/long pant jammies! 

Brooks checking out Harrison's stegosaurus


Big Secret!

We are excited to FINALLY announce that Baby Luds part 3 is on his/her way!  After our 12 week scan today, we felt comfortable enough with the health of this pregnancy to share! Baby looks fantastic! And we anticipate an arrival date around Christmas.  

Harrison is beyond excited for his "baby sister".  He says he already has a brother, so now he needs  a sister.  I'm convinced this baby will make the final member to our all boy football team! 
We are thrilled! 
Baby Ludwig #3