TV Time (in Jersey Shore Tshirt time tune)

Post-bath, post-milk (notice the buddha bellies?) TV watching boys.

And they're watching Diego, not Jersey Shore... we leave those shows on the DVRfor momma.

Baby Brooks in Blue

I may be partial, but I think Brooks looks fantastic in this bright blue.


Toy Story on Ice

Brian and I took Harrison to see Toy Story on Ice Saturday. This was his first show and I was a little nervous about how he would do, but he was a little superstar. Baby Brooks spent the night at GiGi and Pa's house, so we thought we would make an evening of it. We asked Harrison where he wanted to go for his special dinner and he chose of alllllll the places in the world... McDonald's, of course.

His face (as well as Brian's) was priceless

A family photo to mark the occasion


Long, Snowy Days

The weather has been cold and snowy lately, which makes for extremely LONG days. Being trapped indoors with two children and no agenda does not bode well. So we improvise!

Tent Adventures

Attack of the giant baby
A quick pic with Momma before tramping off
again like the wombat that he is.
So we splurged and bought the new Xbox/Kinect bundle. Brian and I had our
first "game night" complete with gigantic beers and wine. Good times!


Littlest Colts Fans

We like football at our house. The boys got Colts
jerseys for Christmas and look pretty
cute in them.



Brooks:10 months!

Where does the time go? Our littlest boy has turned into Mr. Personality. He still chooses crawling as his means of transport. He is a big fan of the-throw everything on the floor so my mom can pick it up-game. He has also discovered the buttons on the TV. He loves ravioli, peas and fruit but is still not a big fan of his bottles. He has just in the past week started pointing at things. He is constantly getting beat up by his brother, but we know that one day soon, Brooks is going to pummel Harrison.

We love you so much little man!


Christmas in a Nutshell

Christmas seemed like a whirlwind this year. I worked Christmas Day (and the 3 days following) so we celebrated on Christmas Eve. Add to that a sick baby and you can imagine the craziness of our week. True to the Ludwig tradition, Brian was in the ER with Brooks the day after Christmas. Diagnosed with RSV bronchiolitis and an ear infection, he was dosed with some good old fashioned Amoxicillin and albuterol. We had been planning on traveling to Iowa to visit family on Wednesday, but the IA crew were all sick, as well. So... we've been hanging around Indy, enjoying some much needed rest and family time.

Cookies, milk and a note for Santa
Santa was very nice to the Ludwig boys
Opening gifts at GiGi and Pa's house
Brooks' 1st Christmas!
Playing TinkerToys with Daddy
Harrison is obsessed with doing puzzles and doesn't do too bad.
Is this not the WORST haircut ever?
Mr. Ravioli Face