A December to Remember

These two little monster (aka my children) have been keeping me running. Harrison is still learning the art of sharing (reluctantly) and Brooks continues to turn the house upside down while getting into each.and.every.thing. But I wouldn't trade this life for anything.... especially these special moments. I look at these simple everyday moments caught on film and think about just how lucky I am.

I pulled Harrison's lovey out of the dryer and handed it to him to snuggle with.
He fell asleep. He has never, ever fallen asleep on the couch
(unless he's sick) He looked like a little angel.
PS- Harrison's 2011 resolution is to axe the paci. He just doesn't know it yet.
Brooks manages to crawl into the most awkward places. This one I
had to get a picture of... seriously Brooks?
Harrison and I baked & decorated cookies... although one of us
ate more than decorated. But I'm not gonna say who.
Love this one of my little monster. I think he looks just like Brian here.


'O Christmas Tree

Picture this... Christmas tree up. Lights on. A wonderful Christmas-y feeling in the air. My freshly bathed boys decked out in their adorable holiday jammies. And if you know me, you know that I HAD to get a picture to capture the moment. I sat the boys on the stool and got one stinking picture. Because one second after I got the one stinking picture, Harrison shoved Brooks full force off the stool. So this one picture will forever remind me of the rug burn that was on Brooks' nose for a week and the dramatic meltdown Harrison had when I told him he had to apologize.


We've been watching quite a bit of football in the Ludwig house.
Harrison is catching on... Go Colts! Touchdown!

Brooks: 9 months!

Oh little Brooks, you are growing so quickly. You love your brother and follow him around everywhere. You babble "dada" "baba" "mama" and we've heard the occasional "bye bye". You have been waving, shaking your head 'no' and giggle like mad. You are still quite the wombat and are into everything. You are still cruising around, but aren't quite brave enough to let go. You love to eat... just not your formula. In fact, the pedi said you need to be drinking more milk. The problem is that you just don't sit still long enough to gulp down a bottle. Puffs, Mum-Mums, bananas and squash are some of your favorite foods.

9 months stats:
30 inches
21 pounds 11 ounces


Birthday Wishes!

Happy 5oth Birthday, GiGi!! We love you!

A Small Dose of Randomness

Harrison is very much into his books these days, well he always has been really.
He is obsessed with Dr. Seuss and ChickaChickaBoomBoom.
Our little social guy...always grinning
Seeing as it's December now, it was only fitting for us to get our first
snowfall today! Harrison was a little hesitant.
Giggly grins for momma