Week 3

So our sweet little mouse Brooks has quite the set of lungs.  He is still getting belly aches that leave him crying for hours, oftentimes from the hours of 1am-3am.  His belly just gurgles and growls.  Aside from stopping nursing altogether, we have tried almost every remedy (Mylicon, Gripe water, swaddling, the swing, etc...) He is now following in his brother's footsteps and has started on Zantac.  We'll see how that works...  The remainder of the day he sleeps like a little angel.  He loves to be snuggled close and have his little bootie patted.  He still is rocking the yellow jaundice, but it's starting to fade (finally!)  

Peaceful Brooks
Hanging out in the bouncer
Here in the South, when someone has a baby
they put a giant pink or blue ribbon on your mailbox to
let your neighbors know that they baby is here! I love it!
Auntie Keri came to visit! Harrison loved all the extra
attention and playtime!
Harrison apparently called 'dibs' on this bouncer way back when
he actually fit in it. He tries to push Brooks out of the 
way so he can get in! 


The Boys

My adorable little men
Harrison showing off his "Big Brother"
Baby Brooks
Not a great pic since Brooks' head can't be seen,
but look at those cute baby toes!


Two Weeks (already!)

Our little mouse is already 15 days old, which is hard to believe.  Time flies when you're sleep deprived! We headed to the pedi today for his 2 week check-up and here are the new stats:
Weight- 8 pounds 9.5 ounces 
Head circumference- 14 inches
Length- 21 inches

He is still a little jaundiced but his bilirubin level has finally dropped.  He is sleeping well, but occasionally has some bad nights.  We are trying to figure out if it is reflux or just something I ate that didn't agree with his tummy.  The pedi suggested giving up my ONE Coke a day and moderating my chocolate and dairy consumption.  He apparently doesn't know how much I pink puffy heart LOVE my Coke.  We'll see if it's the dairy... :) 

My boys!
(PS this was prior to bathtime. Harrison doesn't usually
run around shirtless)
Brooks was fussing, so Harrison was trying
to 'share' his blocks with him
Brooks' 2 week obligatory photo

Harrison and GiGi

Harrison has had a blast hanging out with his GiGi (and Momma has very much appreciated having GiGi here!) They have been hanging out playing games, puzzles, reading books, coloring and cooking in the kitchen.  What will we do when GiGi leaves?  

GiGi and her boys
Playing baseball
Playing with chalk




Harrison found a puddle in the backyard and had an 
absolute ball jumping in it.
It kept him entertained for quite some time--until he fell into 
the puddle, completely drenching his clothes. 
Brooks is such a sweet baby and loves to be snuggled.
We have nicknamed him "mouse" because
he makes the sweetest little squeaks.


New Beginnings

While my momma is entertaining Harrison in the backyard with bubbles, balls and sidewalk chalk, I thought I would take a minute to throw some new pictures on our little blog.  We are adjusting to life with two little men (and I foresee we will be adjusting for months to come!) but it's a wonderful feeling to look at Harrison and Brooks and know they are mine.  Excuse my postpartum hormones, they are slightly out of control. :)

Brooks in his adorable bear hat
...so in love
Harrison showing baby Brooks his belly
And getting his nose
But it's not all poking and prodding, he actually liked
giving him some snuggles



Brooks Campbell Ludwig
March 4 at 1018 pm
7 pounds 15 ounces
21 inches long

Well our little man didn't want to wait for the C-section scheduled for next Thursday.  He had a different plan, indeed.  All day yesterday I was feeling pretty crummy, but I definitely wasn't having timeable contractions, so I thought it was no biggie.  Towards evening, I started having a few sporadic, but uncomfortable contractions.  I called the on-call doc, who wanted me to head into OB triage just to get checked out.  Brian and I thought that for sure it was nothing, so we headed to the hospital, Harrison in tow! 

After less than two hours of being on the monitors, it became quite apparent that this was the real deal.  The contractions were coming regularly. I was miserable with discomfort. And then there was that whole dilating thing. So off we went to the OR, where our little man made his big debut, bootie first, of course!  

He is absolutely gorgeous and doing wonderfully! In some ways, he looks a lot like Harrison, but I tend to think he looks more like Brian.  I am feeling OK and recuperating from surgery well.  It looks like we will be here at the hospital for a few more days. 

Now on to the pictures! 

Harrison met Brooks briefly yesterday and truly had ZERO interest in him.  He was more interested in the cables and cords in the room, the giant picture windows, and the nurse call light.  We'll see how he does visiting today...


Rain and Crank=Pure Mess

Harrison is OBSESSED with playing outdoors, which is fine when there's decent weather.We spend hours outside.  But today was one of those yucky days where the weather was less than cooperative for outdoor play.  So instead of staying cooped up inside, I thought we would head over to the local library for some stories and playtime with friends.  He had a blast and I was looking forward to naptime as we pulled in the driveway.  

I literally had to drag him inside while he is wailing at the top of his lungs because he wanted to play in the backyard.  I pulled out all the stops and was so desperate for the prolonged tantrum to stop that I did the unthinkable... I offered for him to play in the sink.  Parenting moment:FAIL. While it did stop the tears, it created the biggest mess.  Water, water everywhere!