35 weeks

35 weeks 2 days... feeling very large. T minus 19 days! 

BP has been better, still occasionally some "off" lab values, but thankfully I (and baby girl) are being monitored very closely.  Next visit is Tuesday!


We are so thankful to have friends here in Georgia that treat us like family and include us in their holiday celebrations.  We spent Thanksgiving with Brian's partner's family.  They have 7 children and the boys absolutely adore them all.  

Look at these little turkeys! 

Playing in the leaves on a beautiful Fall day in the south! 
PS that's our new car! No minivan for this momma!


Baking cookies with our buddy Alden! 


H&B November!

Harrison is really into "reading" books.  He can sound out words, but mostly reads books from memory (Santa is bringing Harrison some BOB books for Christmas to help him start reading for real!).  The other night, Harrison was reading a book about the ocean to Brooks.  They really have become the best of little friends. Well most of the time....  

Brooks is mostly potty trained (because he HAS to be for preschool folks!) and expects a treat each time he potties.  And if you are slacking on the treat giving, he just helps himself.  He snags his bathroom stool and pushes it right up to the candy bowl.  Love this photo of his little booty! 
Ransom for the future! 

After church Sunday, we grabbed lunch and headed to the park.  

Who's this giant boy?! 
His vocabulary now has the words: actually, perfect, and paleontologist.

Thanks GiGi and Pa for our new glasses! Harrison said "we look like rockstars!!!"

Thankful Turkey

Harrison is apparently thankful for everything he is asking Santa for Christmas.  I would like to go on record and say that at dinner, we do talk about what we are thankful for... remote control helicopters is not one of them.  


Nonexistent Ankles

This is what I've been dealing with. Flip flops are still cool in my book (in 50 degree weather) when it's the only thing that fits my tootsies.

Park Playtime


32 Weeks and a Game Plan!

32 weeks

I have been going to weekly doctor's appointments and although things look great with the baby, I am still feeling about the same.  This week's appointment featured a non-stress test and another ultrasound (love those!!) Baby passed with flying colors on the NST and the US showed a healthy little peanut, who weighed approximately 4 pounds 8 ounces.  My amniotic fluid is on the high end of normal (which would explain why I am measuring 3 weeks bigger), but otherwise all is good.  We have set up a scheduled C-section for the 12th of December (yes that would make her birthday 12/12/12) although my doctor thinks I will deliver prior to that date.  We are thankful for a healthy little girl in there, no matter how much she has put us through!

Baby Girl's Room!

Thanks to my awesome friend Michelle for painting this room and to my momma for coming down to decorate, this nursery is ready for a baby girl! I had so much fun decorating and gathering ideas for a little girl's room.  It's just so different! And more expensive!

October Days

The weather is starting to cool off a bit here in Georgia and we are sure loving having the windows open.  The boys have been busy with school activities and I've been busy with doctor's appointments! 

Look at this little cutie with a headband! He was so proud of himself.

First boo boo at school . He apparently went head first into the rocks at the school playground.

Picnic on the porch

Harrison went with Brian to the Westfield football game and hung out with the CFA cow
Still an Indy fan at heart with his Butler football and Colts jersey

 True boys! Digging in the backyard and hauling giant sticks

Pinterest Projects! 
Yummy rice krispie treat pumpkins with tootsie roll stems!
 Owl Cupcakes!