These Boys

Love these three fellas.

Harrison's Planets

Check out our little Picasso. His interpretation of this doodle:

"this is Saturn (with the rings of course) Mars Earth and Jupiter (pronounced Joopiper). Oh and the other lite squiggles are rocket ships. 

Not too shabby, I'd say. Especially because Brian and I looked at each other and asked "did you teach him this?!" Nope wasn't us! I blame Little Einsteins. Those kids are smart!


Georgia Birthday

Harrison's big birthday firetruck party was Sunday.  He had several little friends over to enjoy birthday cake and playtime.  The local fire department was supposed to come to entertain the kids, but unfortunately we got a phone call 10 minutes before the party saying they weren't coming.  So aside from that disappointment, the party was perfect!

Look at these two stud muffins!

Another fab birthday cake!

Happy birthday to you!

Opening gifts with Alden Jacqueline and Alex!

After his party, we gave Harrison his gift from us. We made him close his eyes/
Thought this was hilarious of the boys!

So excited about his new bike
He loved it so much, he had to fake smile! 



Whew! What a trip! The boys and I packed up and DROVE to Indianapolis.  A few movies (ahem make that 5 movies) and a ton of junk food got us through.  The boys did great! And our reward for the long drive was seeing our GiGi and Pa and friends!! 

We filled everyday with something fun! We are sad that we didn't get to see everyone, but hopefully we can make it back home one last time before baby girl arrives!

The Zoo!
Noah, Griffin, Brooks, Harrison and Grayson (baby Dylan was sleeping!)

Their faces crack me up! These boys are best friends!

Painting with Griffin!!

Mass chaos at Krista's... with a picture to prove it! H&B, Noah & Dylan, Oliver & Vivian (baby Violet was snoozing!)

Pa taught us how to play tackle football!

But he also gave us lots of snuggles!

The boys shared a bed at GiGis! And they did great!

Goodnight sweet boy! 

Happy birthday dinner to me!! Love these ladies! 

Harrison snuggling (or is that strangling!?) Lola

And I cheated... this was before we left! Playing knights with our daddy!

Indy Birthday!!

Harrison was a lucky boy who got to celebrate his 4th birthday twice this year! Because his actual birthday happened when we were in Indy, we had cake and ice cream there.  And once we were settled back in Georgia, he had his big birthday bash!

Enjoying his fire truck cake with momma and Brooksey!

Quick pic with GiGi and Pa! Now let's cut this cake!

Rocking his new fireman boots! Thanks GiGi and Pa!

Brooks enjoying a box! Life as a toddler is rough!

"Evacuate! I'm coming to the rescue!"


School Days

The boys are loving school! Brooks gets a little upset on the days where we leave Harrison.  He thinks he should go everyday too.  This was last week before school and you can tell the boys were anxious to go! 

Brooks is doing great with his potty training at school.  He has only had one accident, but apparently went and told the teacher he had to potty but was just a little late.  Not too shabby for a 2 1/2 year old.  He continues to improve on his speech and his speech therapist comes once a week to meet with him.  He knows all of his letters and all the letter sounds and he can spell his first name! 

When I asked him to say "I'm a big boy!" and he said "I'm a baby" instead which is his new motto.  

The Best Feeling

Everyone told us how quickly the boys would grow up. And it's true. Which is why I treasure little moments like this.