We sure do love our Gigi! She visits us every 6-8 weeks and we enjoy every second.  She came down Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. Although it rained almost the entire time she was here, the kids got lots of snuggles and Brian and I were able to sneak out for a date night. We are headed home to Indy in a couple weeks! 

GiGi and her kiddos!

Chandler being all cute

Three generations! 


Chandler Rocking Vintage

Chandler wearing her Great Grandma June's baby dress and bonnet.  What a great little keepsake for her!
 She's pretty smitten with her vintage wear!
 This is one of my baby dresses. It fits Chandler perfectly.


Chandler: 2 Months

Chandler is now 2 months old! She is changing daily and has so much personality already.  She typically sleeps a long stretch of 5-7 hours at night and is eating about every 3-4 during the day. She is a pretty content little girl and loves to watch her Baby Einstein musical star (commonly referred to as the crack star at our house) She was a trooper with her 5 vaccines and the pediatrician assured us that the giant umbilical hernia she is sporting will close by her first birthday.

True to Ludwig genes, she is a chunk, weighing in at 13 pounds 8 ounces.  She is 23 inches long! Harrison was 15 pounds at 2 months, while Brooks was 13 as well.  

We now own a bow in every color! Love them!

Big brother Harrison helping to entertain his baby sis



I am so lucky to have friends that will travel to me! Katie (with baby Mason) and Brittany flew down for a few days last week.  And while the weather wasn't beautiful, we sure did have a great time!  

Chandler showing off some gummy grins while hanging out in the back of the car with momma, waiting for Harrison and Brooks to get out of preschool.

First day in jeans! 

Chandler loves bath time! She kicks and splashes!

Dressed up pretty for my first day at church

Love this sweet face

Best toy for a 4 year old! Harrison loves to drill his designs

Poor Pippa! 


The boys seriously adore Chandler.  Occasionally Brooks will say she is crying too loud, but a majority of the time, they want to help or talk to her.  

Brooks loves to "hold" her paci in

Every morning they crawl up into bed with me to check on Chandler. Brooks always says something like "her eyes are open!" while poking his finger at her eyeball.

Ready for church. How lucky am I to have three beautiful children?

Georgia Aquarium

We drove up to Atlanta to take the boys to the Georgia Aquarium, which happens to be the largest in the world.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I thought it would be some fish in some tanks.  This place is unreal.  It is absolutely amazing and I could easily go back and spend more time exploring.  

The boys checking out the first of many fish tanks

Awesome picture of the jellyfish.  There were pink ones in a tank across from these guys.

And just to prove Chandler was with us... here's Chandler with the fishies!

Our favorite part, along with most people I would assume, is the walk through (on the moving walkway!) aquarium.  It's literally a tunnel through a tank where the fish, sharks, stingrays are swimming above and beside you.

The boys posing for a photo... they had a blast

There were three touch tanks and Harrison after a long time of waiting finally felt the sting ray

We let the boys pick something from the massive gift shop and Brooksey chose this stuffed penguin.  He named him T Rex. Harrison chose a sea turtle that he named Turtley.