A Chatty Boy

Harrison has really started talking... his favorite topics are momma (Bomba) daddy, GiGi and Pa and his new favorite is Garrett (Ga-et). He talks about going with Garrett to the zoo and orchard.  It's sweet knowing that Harrison has his first buddy.  Thought I would capture it on video.  

Disclaimer:  Please don't call CPS on me because he is playing with a pill bottle in this video clip.  And he usually is dressed.  Please and thanks. 

On the move (already?!)

Isn't he a little young to be crawling?!?!  By the way he is moving, we are guessing he will be crawling in the next few weeks.  Outta the way Harrison, there's a new sheriff in town!

An Apple a Day...

Yesterday we took a trip to Tuttle's Orchard, where we had a blast picking apples and playing!  We met my friend Heather and her son Garrett there.  The boys had so much fun running up and down the rows of apples.  I love Midwest falls... pumpkin picking is just around the corner!

He found one!
That's one gigantic apple!
Such a big helper
Playing in the haystack


More Birthday Fun

I was so excited to have a party for Harrison this year.  We have never lived in close proximity to family, so there has never been any big celebrations, but turning TWO is a huge deal!  

Harrison's party theme was the alphabet.  He knows all of his letters (but cannot say U, V or W.)  Whether we are driving down the road or making dinner, he is constantly saying the letters he can see.  So an ABC theme seemed perfect. 

The goodies
Jello Pinwheels
Delicious birthday cake
We've noticed that when Harrison gets nervous, he stuffs his whole fist in his mouth.  This was one of those times. Happy Birthday to You!
Brooks stealing some snuggles with his Great Grandma
Spoiled rotten with gifts
Happy Birthday, my sweet baby boy!  



Two years ago today, I was holding my firstborn in my arms.  I loved snuggling this sweet baby, breathing in his sweet baby smells, and kissing those sweet baby cheeks.  Little did I know that this sweet boy would grow up so quickly.  Now he doesn't really want his momma cuddling and kissing him and his sweet smells are not so sweet anymore!  

The birthday boy!! 
Preschool Bday Party (can you believe he fits in this table?)
Going in...
The cupcake aftermath

Roly Poly Brooks

Brooks is now 6 months old! He is quite the social man and loves to be talked to.  He has smiles galore for strangers, especially old women at the grocery.  Rolling has become his new form of transportation.  He is one happy dude!  

Smiling (drooling) boy

Mid roll
Looks like his daddy!


The ABCs of Harrison

"D" is for doughnuts on Saturday mornings!
(and D is also for Dora and Diego)

"D" is for DIRT.  Brian brought
home his old digger from when he was
a kid and Harrison adores it!
"D" is for Daddy and ducks! We love to 
go down to our little pond and feed the duckies. 
Quack. Quack.
"D" is for DRAMA. Yes, welcome to the terrible twos Emily.
He has to push the vacuum all.by.himself.  Don't even try
to touch it. He won't let you.
"D" is for drawing!
Harrison started "wee" school this week.  He is in the Ladybug 
room and goes 2 mornings a week. Momma is thankful 
for some quality time with Brooks (we have been spending 
that quality time shopping).