The End, Finale, Finish Line

So long chiefly duties... we are outta here.  

This past weekend, we celebrated the culmination of Brian's residency.  Senior dinner was Saturday evening.  Each of the graduating residents were talked about and applauded for all their hard work the last 5 years. Here is a pic of our friends, The MacDonald's, who are headed to Seattle for fellowship.  

True to Ortho ways, we went from dinner to drinking at a local bar.  
How I will miss my Madison friend, Amy.  
Quick pic of my parents, who flew in from Seattle, with Brian at dinner.
And one of Brian's parents--this was actually at Ruth's Chris the night before Senior dinner.  It was a VERY good weekend!

In T-3 weeks, we are off to Birmingham. Brian is super pumped to be working with such a great doc down there.  (Did you know Favre just had his shoulder scoped by him?) This move will be very bittersweet for me.  I love Madison.  I love my job in the PICU, where I have made lifelong friends.  I love being able to sit on the lake's edge, eat popcorn and drink a beer.  Madison has become home to me.  And although I know Birmingham and then eventually Indianapolis will be good to us, I will never forgot my Mad-town years.   

Little Dipper

I signed Harrison up for "swim lessons" at the local high school.  He LOVES it!  The class is called "little dippers" and Harrison is the biggest dipper in the class.  :)  We sing songs and splash around.  Harrison, on the other hand, just tries to drink the water.  Today we practiced dipping.  Basically, you blow in the kiddo's face so they hold their breath and dunk them under water.  Sounds cruel, but he actually liked it! Came back up smiling (gasping, but smiling).   

Uncle Buggy and Auntie Keri

My baby brother (Uncle Buggy) flew in from Norfolk last weekend for Harrison's baptism (it was a super busy weekend!) He hadn't met Harrison yet because he was deployed at the time, so we were all looking forward to seeing him again.  He had a blast with the bean!  We asked Matthew to be Harrison's godfather.  

Auntie Keri, Harrison's godmother, also came to Madison to hang out for the weekend.  She babysat the bean while we were away at dinners.  She is like a second mother to him and he just adores her.   


The week...in photos

We had a chance to catch up with our friends, Meg, Dan and Connor last weekend.  We had a great time hanging out in the park with the boys.  Harrison and Connor are 1 day apart in age, but I think they are almost identical in size.  :)

Harrison and Brian love to play "airplane" now.  

And there is always the fun that bathtime brings.  His favorite toy--a sponge.

And my newest favorite picture of the bean... 



The last few days have been quite a challenge.  From what I can see, Harrison has 3 teeth coming in.  Joy!  He has been non-stop whining, whimpering and wailing.  Tylenol, ice cold teethers and lots of cuddles seem to make life a little easier for him (and us!!).  Here is a quick photo of a rare quiet moment at our house.  Such a peaceful fella.