A Quick Update with Pics

Not much new to report around these parts, so I will share a few pictures of my sweet boys!

Christmas tree is UP!

We went to the Museum of Aviation (free admission!) to see the all the old Air Force jets and to check out the big train exhibit.

Sitting in the cockpit with Daddy!
Momma and her boys!

Brooks loved the choo-choos!

Harrison had his 1st bus ride and field trip to the tree farm today! Here they are cutting down his classroom tree!

Harrison was none to pleased to take a picture by a tree!



There are many days I feel like life is crazy, turned upside down.  I often get wrapped up in the fact that I don't feel like Georgia is "home" yet, I have no friends, I have no job, etc... And many days I find myself wishing we were back in Indy where I have friends and family that love us and miss us.  

But then these sweet faces catch me... how lucky am I? I have a husband who loves and supports us, two beautiful and healthy boys that love that they have a momma home everyday, a new home that has space to run and play, and some great Middle Georgia weather that allows us to be outside everyday.  
While life may not be picture perfect right now, I have a feeling that I am right where I need to be.

This is right-before-bed-I'm-tired-faces!


Big Boy Boo-Boos

Brooks took a tumble down the brick staircase and it left some pretty little scrapes. What a bruiser!

The Rock Ranch

The Rock Ranch is owned by the the same people that run Chick-fil-a, one of our favorite restaurants (they have delish food, an indoor playground, and great customer service!)  It was the last fall weekend the Rock Ranch was open, so we stopped by.  It just so happened that Curious George was also visiting the Rock Ranch that day.  Brooks gave him a hug and then promptly ran off.  Harrison wanted nothing to do with ol' George!
There was a Gator track for kids and they actually let Brooks drive his own!  It was a very short ride for the little dude!
Waiting for the choo-choo!
 At the mini firehouse putting out fires!
Eating at the lil ice cream shoppe! 
(Seriously Brooks could ya shove that dirty plastic spoon in a bit more!?)
 A rare pic of the momma and daddy
 Riding on the train!
 Brian and I thought we'd try the corn maze, thinking 'it's easy! it's for kids!'  Hmm...we were in there for probably 45 minutes!


The Woes of Picture Taking!

It was my mission to get a good-Christmas-card-worthy-picture of the boys last weekend. Mission: fail!

"Hey Brooks, let's be snakes!"


1st BOO in the South!

Our oldest kiddo had a rough week last week.  With high fevers and a couple trips to the pedi, we quarantined ourselves.  Poor Harrison was so looking forward to trick-or-treating that we let him loose for 45 minutes to get some candy.  These were some quick pictures and you can tell by his pitiful face that he was miserable.  

Our little giraffe and zebra
 Off to the 1st house
 Brooks was such a good 1st timer and he even left on his hood the whole time!