A little bit of here and there... because that's life these days.  

We took the boys bowling last weekend and they loved it.  As a matter of fact, they both beat me.  Maybe next time, I'll try the bumpers?! 

Harrison is all geared up to start another year of tee-ball.  This year he is playing through the church he attends preschool.  His team name is the Stars! 

And sweet C! Forever in her carseat because we are always in the car. Such a sweet baby! She is drooling like crazy, but there is still no sign of teeth.  She loves watching the boys and smiles at just about anyone!

These three are our world!


We had family pictures taken last week and this was just one that she had edited and sent out.

Easter 2013

Although Brian was on call and spent a lot of time at the hospital this Easter weekend, we did manage to make it to two egg hunts and church on Saturday night. The weather has finally turned nice here and we have the pollen to prove it! Yuck! The boys are on Spring Break this week and we are looking forward to a lot of days in the sunshine!

Posing with the Easter Bunny

Checking out the fish with Daddy! 

Because she is a true southern girl, Chandler pulls off the smocked bishops and bows well!

Easter Bunny goodies

Checking it out! 

Sweet little bunny




Oh Indianapolis, you never disappoint. We packed up our now family of five in our giant SUV and headed north! It was chilly in Indy and we even saw some snow flurries! The boys really wanted to have a snowball fight and were really disappointed when there wasn't any accumulation. We packed as many activities and friends into the few days we were home. We came home exhausted but, as always, it was so awesome!

Pack up! Head up!

First stop: The Childrens Museum of course!

Chandler enjoying snuggles from Auntie Brit!

Digging up bones

Climbing in GiGi and Pa's trees

Four boys and a little lady! 

Best buddies

Storytime with Pa


Chandler really was the center of attention. Time for another baby Brit!

Melting Pot with my girlfriends! Chocolate fondue and wine are a fabulous way to end a trip!


Brooks requested a SpiderMan birthday this year. And although we didn't have a birthday "party" for him this year, he still had a great time taking cupcakes and treats to his little friends at school.

Such a little ham

He had a little trouble getting those candles blown out.  Good thing Harrison was more than willing to help! 

Brooks weighed 36 pounds and 38.5 inches at his annual check-up. His favorite color is blue and his favorite toys are cars, SpiderMan and RescueBots. He loves playing TempleRun on the iPad.  He knows how to spell his name (and Harrison's!).  He knows all of his letters and their sounds and can count to 15.  He loves school and can't wait to go three days a week starting this Fall. 

Brooks at school!

Four Generations

Chandler is the first great-granddaughter for my Grandma.  And I wanted to capture the four generations! We were so thankful to have Ms Beth, our former nanny, come take a few pictures when we were home last week.  Aside from my hormone induced flushed cheeks, I am so impressed with the photos! Thank you Ms Beth! 

Gigi, GG June, Miss Chandler and Momma

The boys always having fun with their GiGi

GG June and 3 of her 5 great-grandkids!