Happy Fall Ya'll

There are decorations galore that say "Happy Fall Ya'll" down here--so I thought it would only be fitting to entitle our post the same.  It's finally starting to turn a little cooler here in Birmingham, but not nearly as cool as it is in Wisconsin! We are enjoying being outside in the milder temperatures, especially when we can still wear shorts.  

Our little pumpkin



Little Kanye

Harrison loves to wear my sunglasses--he always has his mouth wide-open in this goofy smile.  I think he looks like a little Kanye West wannabe.  My little rapper boy.  


Stepping Out! (in Seattle)

Look who decided to walk once we landed in Seattle! Stinker.


It's a...

Looks like Baby Luds part deux is also sporting boy parts! Our big anatomy ultrasound will be in 2 weeks, but my OB thought it would be nice for us to get a sneak peek at what we're having before I left for my trip to Seattle. Wish me luck--Harrison and I will be flying cross-country solo. Praying to little baby Jesus that the DVD player and the bag full of treats keeps him occupied!!

This picture was the best one I had--it shows the boy parts although the rest of it is a little fuzzy.


My Bama Buddies

These are some of Harrison's besties in Bham- Annika and Cole.  He squeals like a piglet when he seems them! 

I'm pretty sure Annika and Harrison weigh about the same, despite the 3 year age difference. 

Hide and Seek

Harrison hides things and momma seeks them.  Look what I found in the kitchen drawer-- my flip-flops, 1 of Harrison's shoes, the dog toy, and an empty water bottle.  

*Target Love*

Harrison loves Target just as much as his momma.  I especially love his expression in the last photo.