Catching Up...

We have been busy.  Playdates, parks, swimming holes, and working... Oh yeah and add into that the fact that we are moving to a new state in oh, you know 3 months.  Can we say chaos?! So instead of rambling on and on, I will give you pics and snippets of description.

Another children's museum visit: crawling through the tunnel
 Planting flowers with momma
 Checking out a dino femur with Daddy
 Cleaning the TV
 Playdate with Oliver, Vivian, and Noah
 Hi Oliver!!
 "Excuse me while I crab this toy."
 Sweet baby Noah
 Friends, babies, gigantic McDs cokes, toys... pure fun!
 Happy Birthday Garrett!! (Little dinosaur explorers!)
 Digging for fossils
 Griffin and Harrison playing with the new train table
 Brooksey was 'helping' vacuum.  By helping, he was wrapping the cord around himself.
 4 babies in one little pool
 Oliver and Vivian enjoying their first swim
 Baby boys splashing away
 Brooks with his cranky face on
 Memorial Day 2011


We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Harrison finished his first year of preschool on Wednesday.  It was bittersweet, knowing how much he has changed in a year.  I'll admit, I was a little teary-eyed watching my sweet 'baby' sing and have fun with his friends. He's growing up so quickly.  


The No-Cavity Club

Harrison went to the dentist on Thursday for his routine check-up.  We love the office and their staff, but they do have their rules: only kiddos are allowed back in the exam room.  So I sent my camera with Harrison's hygienist, who took some fantastic photos for me. :)

The girls said he was more interested in the TV hanging on the wall than getting his picture take with the giant toothbrush (my kid liking TV...NEVER!) 

Shining up those pearly whites

Harrison with Dr. Ellis and his hygienist 

*And just a plug for our fantastic pedi dentist-- any of our friends in the Indy area looking for someone, he is wonderful! Ellis Pediatric Dentistry in Greenwood*



The sun is finally shining in Indy.  And despite living in our itty bitty townhome with no yard, we have been taking full advantage of being outside!

Harrison taking yet another trip in the Cozy Coupe car.

The art of sharing is a new concept, as evidenced by poor Brooksey's face

Sweaty boys before bathtime!

Check out those dirty tootsies! 


And a little randomness...

So if you haven't already seen this pic on FB, then I will keep you waiting no longer.... Let me set the scene.  Momma in shower. Harrison watching TV (read supposed to be watching TV).  Bathroom door bangs open, toddler shoves his face into steamy shower and says "I eat raspberries!" I lean closer (because I don't have my contacts in and I am as blind as a bat!) and see his face covered in mushy redness.  I asked him how many he ate and he says "hmm I ate a couple!" Let me add that saying "a couple" is Harrison's new lingo for as many as he feels necessary, especially when it comes to chocolate (thank you GiGi and Pa, the other Easter Bunnies, that made certain we have enough chocolate until Christmas!)

I hop out of the shower, follow him to the kitchen where I find not one, but TWO empty containers of berries (lids closed and politely placed back into proper position in fridge) STINKER!!

Harrison wasn't feeling the greatest the last few days.  We are wondering whether it's allergies or a cold. On Sunday morning, the boy was up at 530 am.  I don't function that early.  So I popped on some Nick Jr (I'm so thankful that channel exists 24 hours a day!!) and covered us up with a blanket.  I remember Harrison asking for juice at around 6 and the next thing I remember is the flash of an inappropriate daddy playing photographer.  Nothing about this picture looks comfortable.

Fave Toy Alert

The boys had some Easter money to spend so they chose this fancy pants $20 lego wagon from the greatest store on earth, Target!  

It's a wagon. It's blocks. And it's a baby hauler! That's like 3-in-1 awesomeness! 

And despite the fact that my children have on PJs in these pictures, they do not wear them all the time!

Future Artist?

Brooks seems to have gone from baby to toddler overnight.  He loves doing anything and everything Harrison is doing, including playing with this MagnaDoodle.  Gotta love that open mouth look he is sporting.  I'm thinking future artist... those lines look very Van Gogh.