Jumping Bean

A short clip of Harrison jumping around. I think he is beginning to feel a little better, as evident by the continuous bouncing seen here. Either that or he is high on Albuterol. :)

And a cute picture from bathtime this morning.


Super Chunk (with an ear infection)

So my poor, sweet babe is just miserable. He started Sunday night with cold symptoms and I was certain that Brian and I brought home RSV. But as the week wore on, he was getting sicker. Wheezes, snot galore and coughing... so to the clinic we went. No RSV, but he does have an ear infection. I keep telling Brian, who is lucky enough to be in Vegas at a conference, that Harrison looks like a kid who just crawled out of a trailer park. Yesterday (I should've taken a picture) he was wearing a shirt that had been stretched out with Amoxicillin all over it, he had been drooling so his face was red and chapped and he had dried crud on his nose. I am sure you can just imagine! Hopefully he will be on the mend soon. In other exciting news, Harrison has officially reached the weight limit for his infant carrier! He is a whopping 21 pounds, 8 ounces! He weighs more than your average 6 month old (more than a lot of kids!) Looks like I will be installing that convertible carseat sooner than I thought.



Harrison has finally figured out how to "jump" in his Jumperoo and activity jumper.  It's hilarious to watch and I think it scares him that I get so excited.  He is watching everything around him, which makes feeding time interesting.  He usually has some veggie or fruit smeared across his face, up his nose, etc...  

He seems to be meeting all of his developmental milestones except that whole rolling over thing.  The kid just won't do it! I keep giving him the excuse that he's too fat, but I think he's just lazy.  We're working on it!

A couple of girlfriends from work and I got our babies together for a little playdate.  We had our babies about the same time, so it's always great hearing their stories and seeing what their kiddos are doing.  It's also encouraging to see that they have chub-a-lub babies, too! 


LL Cool H

Ladies Love Cool Harrison ( LL Cool H)
There are no words to describe the hat/sunglass combo that the little dude is sporting.  What's not to love?  


Brian's Mini Me

Harrison definitely is his father's son.  The way we dress him is just how B likes to dress, right down to the Polo half-zip sweater.  I ordered the Ortho onesie when we found out Harrison was a boy.  He also will be sporting a "I'd rather be studying orthopedics" bib within the next few months.  :)  I was proud to find these treasures!  Brian is anxious to start teaching Harrison the names of all the bones.  Who needs the ABC's, when you've got femurs, scapulas, and patellas?

In other news, we finally have our house on the market.  If anyone is interested in a fant-abulous condo, we have a great one!