Sweet Moments

I love catching simple everyday moments like these... 

Brooks' Baptism

Sunday we celebrated Brooks' baptism.  We slacked a little on timing when we had Harrison baptized, but we really dropped the ball with Brooks. Sorry bud, you ARE the second kiddo.

Brooks was a trooper when doused with Holy Water
 Is it naptime yet?
 Momma, Daddy and Brooks
 Us with Tony and Jen
 And this just about sums up the rest of the pics at the chuch
goldfish and all!
 Brooks looking quite dapper (after a full belly)

What a Bright Future!

Not sure where these sunglasses came from, but the boys love them.

Your future is so bright, you have to wear some shades!



Have I mentioned life is crazy?! Sorry for the lack of updates, pictures, etc... My bliggity-blog is 
the very last thing I can think of right now. :)

Happy momma. Disinterested Brooks. Grumpy Harrison.  

Goofy Harrison.

A stuffed Brooks!


Pools, Cows & Pals

I am so lucky to have such great friends! This past week, the boys and I had a swimming pool playdate and Traderspoint Creamery playdate! 

Griffin taking a dip in that cool blue H2O

Ignore the fact that he doesn't have pants on... too many potty breaks and a momma tired of 
yanking on wet swimmies!
 My little suntanned baby

Visiting the piggies with Griffin

Harrison telling Griffin to watch out for the poo!

Group shot of the kiddos 
Harrison, Brooks, Micah, Aaron, Grayson and Griffin

Check out those moo cows

Watching the yogurt assembly line

Someone's happy about chocolate milk

Aaron and his love affair with his sippy cup

Playing with each other's hair during lunch