Chandler: 7 Months!

This little lady is 7 months old! She is sure to be crawling soon (way sooner than her brothers!) She lays on her belly and spins in circles to get what she wants.  She is becoming more interested in food, but especially loves veggies.  She is finally getting her two bottom teeth, although they aren't quite through yet.  

She is always full of smiles, giggles and babble.  We are so lucky to have her! 

This is her angry face.  She was ticked that I was picking her up! 


Fourth of July 2013

Daddy is on call for the ER and the boys had swim lessons with Ms Julie at Bragg Swim School, so it doesn't really feel like a holiday to us.  It's been raining everyday here in Middle Georgia and we are just about over it.  The fireworks were all cancelled so it looks like it may be a movie night with the extra special treat of a SPRITE for the boys. They call it their "coke" and think they're super cool when they get to drink one.