We finally picked up Pippa! She's 7 weeks old and weighs 7 pounds! She has a very sweet personality (so far!) and mostly sleeps during the day. The boys adore her and Harrison looks for her as soon as he wakes up in the morning. She has been whining some at night but otherwise is quite the well behaved pup.  We are totally in love!


Opening Day Ceremony

Harrison and his little teammates!


A Swing and A Hit!

Check me out GiGi and Pa!! 
You'd be so proud! I hope you can make it to one of my games!! 



Brooks was looking a little shaggy and a haircut was in order! It was nearly bedtime so disregard the pacifier and lovey. For what it's worth, he was saying cheese!

One Cool Dude

Love this little boy!


A Little Baller

Tee ball is in full swing! Although practice #1 was a little dramatic, Harrison's starting to get the hang of things. He has a scrimmage this Thursday so we shall see how it goes! For now, here are a few cell pics of our little baller! P



The hardest part about living in Georgia is being alone.  I miss my family and friends to pieces! But I especially miss my momma.  I talk to her everyday... and I am so lucky that she has visited us already several times.  She and my brother, who the boys affectionately call Uncle Buggy, visited a week ago. The boys enjoyed having someone new to play with and GiGi and Uncle Bug enjoyed some warmer weather! Thanks for coming guys! 

Trying to get pics before we left for the airport...

...didn't go that well.

We are family! 

Our little Luds boys are now are big boy Luds!

He's TWO!

 It's hard to believe that our littlest boy is two.  How fast time flies! It seems just like yesterday that he was screaming his ever loving colicky brains out! We celebrated his big day a week early because my momma and Uncle Buggy were in town.  We were so thankful to have family to celebrate with! 

Airplane themed birthday cake!

He wasn't too sure of the singing

Our good friends Sean, Michelle and Alden helped us celebrate Brooks' big day

A motorcycle! 

He loves his baseball bat and mitt... he loves to do everything Harrison does

Talking to Great Gram on his actual birthday

2 year stats:
31 pounds 4 ounces (84th %tile)
36 inches (97th %tile)


Where is My Wagon?!

Harrison is doing great with his speech therapist at school.  Miss Melissa visits once a week for 30 minutes but she usually sends home skills for him to practice.  This is a video clip of Brian working with Harrison on his "W" sounds.  
Where is my WAGON!?