Happy Day

Life is Good! 


Chandler: 5 Months

Chandler is 5 months old already.  Time really does fly by and I feel so lucky to have her in my life.  Having a daughter makes me feel incredibly special.  I love picking out what she will wear every morning (always with a bow) and I dream of the days we will spend playing babies, Barbies and house.  She is such a sweet girl and doesn't fuss for much.  She is still nursing some, but takes a bulk of her milk from bottles.  Just today, she tried squash and did really well with it! I had tried a couple times with oatmeal but she was not in the slightest interested.  

She loves watching her brothers and is always smiling and giggling.  She sits in her activity center and stares at the TV, sits in the stroller and watches the kids or is content to sit on our laps while gnawing her hands.  She still doesn't have any teeth but they MUST be coming soon.  She seriously has been drooling for 3 months!!! 

I fell in love with this outfit when I saw it because of the cotton bonnet.  I haven't bought her much (ok that's a lie) but this outfit was only $7.99!! Love me a bargain!

Pippa is also pretty smitten with Chandler


Love those roly poly things! 

"Wait. What?! I am 5 months already?" 

A Month of Catch-Up!

Tee-ball is in full swing (no pun intended)! Harrison is doing so well. He loves to hit and they are starting to move towards pitching the ball and letting the kids hit it.  He is one of the smaller kids on the team, but is probably one of the better batters. We have only 4 games left! 

Harrison and his best bud Deidrick 

So much time outdoors makes for some crazy napping. Brooks has insisted on sleeping in 'Gigi's room" aka our guest room.  I found him like this after a nearly 3 hour nap.  He must've gotten up to potty and fell asleep before he could get his pants on! 

Field Day at SBK: Harrison and Deidrick stuck together the whole time

Harrison's 4 year old classroom

Both boys love to golf!

...and "play chalk"

...and play baseball

We experimented and made chalk paint and it was a hit! 

Park play day at school 

Michael and Brooks

The 4 and 5 year old classes at lunch

Harrison asked me how to spell "no girls allowed" but he stopped after the NO GIRLS part. We will have a rough road ahead if we are starting this already! :) 

Strawberry Picking

I love springtime in Georgia.  We have made some pretty awesome friends who love being outside as much as we do! Syd and Harrison are the same age and Michael and Brooks are the same age! They play so well together so it makes playdates especially fun (and easy!)

Digging in at Lane Southern Orchard

Harrison and Syd
The foursome

This particular day, Harrison and Syd held hands. It was so cute! 

A Little Dominican Getaway

Brian and I have said for what seems like forever that one day we will go on vacation, just the two of us.  So after Chandler was born, we started working on making that happen.  Thankfully I have an amazing mom who was willing to come down and watch our brood while we snuck away and relaxed! 

We met our friends from Minnesota there and enjoyed sitting poolside (and doing water stretches!) drinking girly drinks (Bahama Mamas and Mamajuanas!) reading books and eating our meals (completely uninterrupted and without giving half your food to a toddler) It was wonderful.  And while we missed our kids (especially when I was pumping every 4 hours for Miss C) but it was a great time to reconnect with Brian and enjoy one another.

An obligatory airplane shot

Paradise right outside our door

Selfie! On the beach! 

A slightly pink crew at the Hibachi grill 

I wish I could say that we stayed out late every night and went to the club, but I'm old folks.  I was ready to call it a night at 9 pm!