Grandpa Ron and Grandma JoJo sent this sweet little desk for Harrison's birthday (still can't believe he is turning TWO!) And look what the little monkey did- climbed it like a dang tree.


Monkey Joe's was a No Go!

Since Brian has been relatively free the last 2 weeks, we have been taking advantage of all the extra "daddy time" we can get.  Yesterday we thought we would try out a little place called Monkey Joe's here in Indy.  It's a kid's wonderland, full of jumphouses and slides.  It seemed like a great idea, kinda like the fair was a great idea.  Major FAIL.  

Parents-0, Harrison-2. 

Harrison was terrified.  He climbed into the first jump house and laid down, sort of like a scared little puppy, and would not move.  So it looks like the Monkey Joe's wonderland was not what our little "Alice" had in mind. 

Crawling in.  2 minutes later, he was curled into the
fetal position. 
This picture pretty much sums up the day
We did manage to snap one decent pic


Ludwig's do the State Fair

A beautiful Saturday, two happy boys, and two parents who were itching to get out of the house= a trip to the Indiana State Fair. Uhmm bad idea.  The day started off with Brian getting reprimanded by a State Trooper for making a left-hand turn where he wasn't supposed to and the day ended with some random bozo dumping his mustard all down the back of me.  In between, there was incessant crying, temper tantrums and whining galore.  Oh and let's not forget the horrid smell of farm animals.  

There was, of course, some GREAT people watching.  See I CAN find the positive in every situation! 

Llama, llama... you are NOT my momma!
Harrison adored the pigs
Terrified of the carousel
Chocolate covered bacon anyone?
One cashed out toddler


Fat & Fabulous at 5 months!

It's hard to believe that baby Brooks is 5 months old today.  While it's a little bittersweet that my cuddly newborn is now a nosy and chatty baby, I am loving his little personality.  He is rolling over belly to back, but hasn't quite mastered the back to belly (but we're working on it!) He is a drooling dude and must sport a bib at all times (although no teeth have popped through yet)  He coos and smiles at total strangers, loves his paci and fingers, but most of all, he loves Harrison.  It melts my heart watching my two boys interact.  The first thing Harrison says in the morning is "Brus" (Brooks) and I often find him peering into Brooks' crib, just watching him.  

Tipping the scales at nearly 20 pounds, here is our fat
and fab 5 month old!
Sweet cheeks
Ready for an evening out! Watching a little
Baby Einstein before we go.
And this is how Brooks rolls... Sophie the giraffe 
(which I highly recommend to any moms out there), 
paci and lovey.