Week 2

The last 2 weeks have gone by so quickly and it's amazing how much Harrison has changed in the short time that he has been here.  He is eating well and usually sleeps a good couple of hours between feeds.  He gained a whole pound and his little cheeks are quite chunky!  
 My mom headed back to Seattle this week and we already miss having her around to help.  We had some great meals and the house was always clean... always a relief. This weekend, Brittany and Jen will be coming up to meet the new guy.  I am sure they will fall instantly in love... I mean how could you not? :)  

Here are a few new pics from the week.


Growing like a weed

Being home with Harrison has been wonderful.  We are enjoying every minute of it.  He is eating like a champ and gaining weight.  We were at the pediatrician yesterday and he is up to 7 pounds 12 ounces.  Soon enough he will tip the scales at 8 pounds!  Momma is loving dressing him up in all of his clothes.  And his Daddy enjoyed watching their first college football games. Here are a few pics from the last week.  


Announcing Baby Luds

... and he has a name!  Harrison Reid Ludwig was born yesterday at 7:15 in the evening after a rather uncomplicated delivery.  For being 3 weeks early, he is weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and has the cheeks to prove it.  19 1/2 inches long.  He is gorgeous and we have fallen instantly in love.  We'll keep this short for now, but wanted to pass along that he has arrived and everyone is doing well.  Here is a quick pic for now!  


On our way

Well, after a very restless night and a total of maybe 4 hours of sleep (that's a big maybe!), we will be leaving shortly to venture in to the land of Meriter.  It's hard to believe this day has finally arrived and there are no words to express the sheer excitement and anxiety we are feeling.  Keep your fingers crossed that 1. the littlest Luds is a healthy bean 2. that his momma can push him out and 3. that his poppa can deal with his momma ALL day long.  :)  


If my child looks like this, we are in trouble!

So I found this crazy website that predicts what your children will look like based on photos of you and your hubby.  Tell me this is NOT what my child will look like!  I think the Santa hat makes him look even worse!!  Thought it was funny, and that you all would enjoy it, too.  Enjoy! Enjoy!


...and counting

Nearing the end... As we near the end of this week, we are getting more and more anxious to meet the little dude.  I am nested out; this house is more than ready to have a baby in it!  We are packed and ready to roll! 

This photo is really of Dakota (who we think may have a *little* bit of a hard time adjusting to not being the baby) but it's also of the lack of toes that you can see looking down from my point of view.  I feel like a swollen beast and my toes look like sausages, but I think once Baby Luds arrives, I will enjoy looking back at these pictures.  

I see the OB again on Friday.  She will decide then whether or not I will be admitted on Sunday night or early Monday morning.  I am hoping for the Monday morning deal... I really want a sausage McGriddle from McDonald's on my way in!! Hey a girl's gotta have some pushing motivation!!  We'll keep everyone posted!