Although we have debated on making our blog private for years, it is now time to do so. 

The intent of our blog is to keep our family and friends "in the know" of our life in Georgia.  I started it waaaaay back when I was newly pregnant with Harrison.  I enjoy updating it for the sake of my own memory and record keeping (and will eventually have it printed out in books...one day!)  But for now, in order to lessen the negativity around it, this blog will become private.  Please FB message, call, email... to receive the password.  

I hate that we have to do this, but I refuse to allow my family to be subjected to negative thoughts and words. 

Harrison: FIVE

We had so much fun preparing for Harrison's fifth birthday party! He wanted to do a Ninja Turtle party so we got to work on finding some fun and creative things! Harrison Brooks and momma made his invites.  They turned out so cute! 

We spray painted roasting pans to look like shells so that all the kids could wear them at the party! 

Green balloons with sticky turtle masks... way more work that it was worth (just FYI!)

 Shells and masks await our guests! 

Thank you Shannon for snagging these adorable pictures during the party! 


Full Heart


Chandler: 8 Months!

Chandler is 8 months old! She is a busy body and is on the move.  She hasn't quite mastered crawling but is definitely army crawling everywhere.  She is a pretty happy girl and loves to eat! 

 Taking her picture has become significantly harder since she is a roly poly now!

Giving Pippa some love! 

School Days!

School started! 

Look at this big kid! We are hopeful that Harrison (who missed the Kindergarten cut-off by 7 days) will do great in his kindergarten class at Second Baptist.  If he does well, which we believe he will, he will go to first grade next year! 

Brooks is in the 3 year old preschool this year and will be going 3 days a week! 

More Indy Pictures!

These are more pictures from our long vacay to Indianapolis. Loved using my new Canon! 

Daddy and his little loves


These two monkeys are always up to something

H and Dad

Harrison loved playing badminton at GiGi and Pa's

Cheesing Chandler in the swing

Stories with Pa

Big Girl

Happy 50th Dad!

Best friends: Harrison Griffin and Brooks (Grayson was sleeping!)

Tire swinging

Everyone loves Auntie Brit

Love these four!



Playing all day with friends and family can wear these kiddos out. And just to add, I did take the blanket off Chandler's face :)

Bathing Booties!


Baby Buddies

Almost There!

CeCe is nearly crawling! Any day now!

BBB (Brooks' Broken Bone)

One would think that having an orthopedic surgeon and pediatric nurse combo for parents, you would know if your kid had a broken bone. Well we failed that test. Brooks tripped over the soccer ball while playing on the hardwood floors at home. He hobbled around but still was playing and acting just fine. His limp seemed to get better and then he'd start up again. We thought since he was jumping and playing, that it was just a little sprain. Lo and behold (after 10 days and making a trip to an old UW ortho pal's Indy based office) that there was a tiny healing fracture in that poor foot. He thankfully needed no treatment. We always said he would be the family's first broken bone!

Acting like Monkeys at the Zoo!

Children's Museum

Saxony Beach (bums)

We had a blast with our buds Griffin and Grayson at a little man-made beach just north of Indy!