Friday Phone Dump

I hardly ever use my real camera anymore, instead I am snapping pics with my Iphone.  I seriously don't know what I did before I had that phone. 

Harrison decided to dress himself the other day and this is what we got.  Shorts and shoes on the wrong feet. Honestly, I let him wear the shorts outside.  It was near 72 that day! 

Brooks cruising around sans clothes plus boots! 

I took the boys to one the pizza parlors here where they gave a tour and let the kids make their own pizza.  Harrison loved every second of it (well except the whole eating the pizza part--pickiest eater ever!)

Another shot of the great January weather! Brooks on his mini 4-wheeler!

New Years

Happy very belated New Years.  Blogger has not been friendly in allowing me to upload photos.  And seeing as how I have limited time and patience to deal with this, I have been neglecting this dear old blog! 

We finally got to crack that bottle of Dom Perignon that we got when we moved here! 

Cheers to new friends! 


Painting Fun (for Great-G!)

Hey Great Grandma, we heard that you have a laptop and check our blog now! Thought you might like to see how much fun we are having with our new paints! We will send one your way once they're finished drying!
Love and Miss you,
Harrison and Brooks