Bath Time...

... is Harrison's favorite time! 

And he LOVES eating his toys!


Adults Only Getaway

Brian and I were lucky enough to have a mini vacation last week, although it wasn't all fun for Brian.  He attended a conference for the first half of the day and had his afternoons/evenings free.  But we had a blast.  We were down at Amelia Island (near Jacksonville).  What a beautiful resort! I personally enjoyed reading by the pool.  I haven't read a book since Harrison was born. (I am now finished with the 2nd Twilight series book!)   We took strolls along the beach, enjoyed nice dinners, and even went horseback riding on the shore.  

We are so thankful that my mom was able to take off work and fly out to spend the week with Harrison.  I think she had more fun here than we did down south!  She did witness a HUGE milestone that we have been waiting on for months.  You guessed it... he rolled over.  Little stinker.   While we missed him like crazy, we really enjoyed having a little time to ourselves.  Back to reality now... 

Oh No!

What happens when your DVD player breaks?  Harrison watches Baby Einstein on the laptop!

We will be venturing out TODAY to buy a new one.  :)


Just a Boy

Just a little boy, who is growing so quickly

Who is our entire our world

Who can make us laugh doing the silliest of things

Who is spoiled rotten :) and loves his grandparents

He's just a boy... who happens to love sweater vests like Daddy


Happy Easter!

Harrison is quite the spoiled boy.  He got overflowing Easter baskets from his grandparents, full of all sorts of fun things.  Here is the little guy opening Grandma and Grandpa Ludwig's basket.  And a little history behind the yellow bunny/wheelbarrow--this was Brian's basket when he was a kid.  How cute, huh?

Harrison's Easter basket from Gigi and Grandpa Guerrieri was sent all the way from Seattle.  He looks so interested in the packaging for his new bath toys.  

Just a few photos of the cutest bunny ever!  Brian could've killed me for putting a "headband" on our baby boy!

This is what I call the "grumpy bunny".  Our photo shoot was over soon after this picture was taken. 

Happy 1st Easter to our little bunny. 


"That's Not My Train"

While Harrison loves reading books about trains, ducks, and bunnies, he would rather be studying orthopedic surgery!  I ordered this bib way back when I first found out I was prego.   And believe me, Brian is already on the lookout for anatomy reading material for him!

We also just bought the oh-so-very-cool LeapFrog learning table.  I have heard great things about this table, so I figured we might as well have it, right?