He Sits!

Harrison has mastered sitting!  He loves seeing the world from an upright position.  We sit him up on a blanket in the living room with a bucket of toys in front of him, and he is just happy as a clam.  There are still the rare occasions where he will be face down on top of his toys, which is just hilarious to see.  Seeing as how he doesn't roll at all, he just lays there and grunts.  

Harrison LOVES bath time! He could stay in there for hours.  He'll chase his toys all over and chew on washcloths.   Surprisingly, he still fits in his infant tub.  

Dakota and Harrison are the best of friends.  And the more food Harrison drops on the floor, the better friends they become.   We were a little leery of how Dakota would act around a baby, but she is so gentle with him.  This picture is proof enough.

We were able to sneak away for an entire weekend to visit our friends, Corinne and Travis in Ames, Iowa.  We had a blast and really enjoyed catching up.  We are also big fans of their Wii and played Rock Band for a few hours (with a little help from some beverages!)  Brian is a rockin' guitarist! 



Everyone said that so many changes take place once babies reach 6 months and true it is.  Everyday, it seems that Harrison is learning something new.  

H holds his own bottle.
Moved up to his big boy carseat.  Notice his Hawkeye hat! (Thanks Miller's)

Got a new stroller.  (Notice the thunder thighs mentioned in previous posts-I wasn't lying!)
H is sitting on his own with a little help from his boppy

Chats with all his lady friends via his Iphone (AKA Grandma and GiGi)
BUT what he won't do--ROLL OVER.  Although he is a "future Ivy League student" the kid will not even try to roll.  He uses his smarts in other ways.
And this is just a cute pic of  the bean in his new summer hat.  


What a chunk!

Harrison had his 6 month check-up and shots today.  22 pounds 8 ounces!  He is in the 98th percentile for weight and head circumference and the 93rd percentile for height.  So at least he is proportional.  Each time we are out with him, people can't help but comment on his size.  I will try to get a nakey photo that shows off his thunder thighs.  :)  

He is such a happy kid and doing so much.  It's so exciting to watch him discover the littlest things, like his feet or spoons.  These times seemed like an eternity away this time last year. 

Where's the baby?
Happy boy!