Sweet Baby

I must admit that when we first moved to Alabama, I dreaded not working and thought that I would be bored staying at home with a baby.  It definitely took a little getting used to, but since we've been here (now 6 months) I feel so lucky to have spent so much time with Harrison.  He makes me laugh everyday.  And lately, he is learning something new every minute.  He definitely keeps me on my toes!

I often find myself wondering how I am going to manage two little boys.  And I worry that I won't be able to spend as much one on one time with Harrison.  It makes me sad knowing in just a few weeks, he won't be "the baby" anymore.  Will he feel left out?  Will he be mad at his momma?  The worries are endless, but I try to think of it in a different way... I am giving Harrison a best friend; a brother.  And that is something he will have for a lifetime.  And no matter what, he will always be my baby boy.  So I'm done being sappy and hormonal-- here a couple great pics of my sweet baby

Practicing a few yoga moves-I believe this is 
the downward dog
Nevermind the drool, he is cutting his incisors
One of my new faves



Harrison loves his MegaBlocks he got for Christmas. Every night, he dumps out the entire bag of blocks (conveniently right before bedtime).  He has become a pro at stacking, but still has the occasional moment when one block won't fit perfectly on top of the other.  In that case, watch out, a major meltdown is imminent.  

Down they go
Not too much new on the baby front.  The little guy is still breech (as of my appointment yesterday).  I go back in 2 weeks, where they will do an ultrasound to see if he is still hanging out feet first.  If he is, they will do a C-section at 39 weeks.  If he has turned, then my OB said he would be willing to do a scheduled induction at that 39 week mark.  With Brian's unpredictable schedule and having no family (and few friends) around, I would rather plan this little occasion as much as possible!  As much fun as being pregnant is (ugh!) I secretly hope to go into labor at say...oh 37 weeks (which is just a mere 4 weeks from now!)  Hey, a girl can dream, can't she!?

Baby bump watch (almost 33 weeks)


Ahh... Sunshine!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here! It was nearly 70 degrees today, so the little man and I headed out for a walk and a trip to the park.  Playing outside in January has been awesome.  Harrison looooves the park, including climbing on every. single. piece. of. equipment and going down the tallest slides 50 times.  These things are all fine and dandy when you're not 32 weeks pregnant and can barely bend down to tie your shoes.  After several trips down the slide, momma was spent.  Harrison, however, was not ready to go in the slightest (see picture below).  

I will show this to his girlfriends one day!



Harrison loves to put and pull things from the fridge. Tonight when I asked if he was ready for his milk and he went to the fridge, I grabbed my camera, knowing this would be cute!  So even though the kid doesn't speak a word that isn't jibberish, he does understand a ton! Check out his "sign" for please--more like [clap clap] Lady get me my milk!


A Lazy Weekend

Brian is on-call this weekend and the weather is sort of dreary, so we have been hanging out inside, being lazy.  Harrison loves to wrestle and play blocks with his Daddy.  He is into everything and throwing some pretty dramatic fits (that often leave Brian and I cracking up!). This morning while I was sweeping the kitchen, Harrison kept coming in to hand me fuzz and dirt.  When I stepped around the corner, I realized he had found one my dirt piles (yet to be swept up) and was "helping" clean.  Disgusting.  Needless to say, we've been having a lazy, laid back weekend, complete with dirt and drama.  

On the bounce and spin pony-that he still hasn't quite figured out
The aftermath of "Hurricane Harrison"
And a shot of his newfound love of 

Kids Gym

On Friday, we took Harrison to a little kiddie gym here.  Brian, shockingly, had the day off!  Harrison had a blast crawling through tunnels, jumping into ball pits and running around with the other kiddos.  Even after a morning full of excitement, the kid still only took an hour nap. Bummer!


A Momma's Boy

 I take my weekly belly photos in the same spot every Thursday (thank you camera self-timer!) and Harrison is always curious as to what I'm doing.  So this week, I had him pose with me.

Momma and her stud.

Fun in the (Winter) Sun

The weather is starting to warm up a bit so Harrison and I took full advantage and headed down to the park yesterday.  

He was the only kiddo there, sadly.
But that didn't stop him from having a blast!


"I got it Daddy"

Why does he insist oncarrying ALL 3 balls at one time? 

Roll Tide!

Brian had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel out to Pasadena and attend the BCS National Championship game.  The lucky duck scored tickets in the 17th row on the 50 yard line.  He did a great job as my little paparazzi and spotted Courtney Cox and hubby David Arquette, Angie Harmon and Sara Evans.  He had a blast and took a ton of pics, but none of the celebs!  Here are a couple!


30 Weeks!!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 30th week of pregnancy with this little sprout.  I am definitely already counting down the days, but it's a bittersweet feeling as this will probably be our last baby.  Brian and I always talked about having two kiddos, but I guess I was hoping for at least one of those kids to be a girl.  I would love to have a little girl to play dolls and barbies with, to play dress up, to put bows in her hair to match her dresses, and to have that best friend bond that daughters have with their mothers.  These are all selfish reasons, of course.  But it looks like I was meant to be a momma of boys.  My boys will just be momma's boys! 

I am feeling the urge to nest already, so while my mom was in town visiting, we dug out Harrison's 3 tubs (!!!) of baby clothes and stocked the dresser drawers.  We will have some interesting living arrangements once the new guy arrives, but it's temporary, as we will be moving again in July.  So his crib and dressers will be put into our spare room with the full sized bed that's already in there.  He'll be tiny (I hope) and won't need much space, so... sorry little dude.  :)

Otherwise, I am feeling pretty good and only mildly uncomfortable.  I started getting sick with Harrison at around 32 weeks, so I am getting more nervous as I approach that mark, but all is well for now.  
3o week belly
Harrison and belly :)


Day at the Science Center

Brian, Gigi and I took Harrison to the McWane Science Center downtown.  He had a blast running around like a crazy kid and getting his hands on everything.  

Loved watching the fish
I love his face here! 
Playing with Daddy at the water table


A "No Good" New Year's Eve

Our New Year's Eve was a long one and I wish I could say it was because we were out on the town.  Poor Harrison had had several days of a high fever, but no other symptoms.  So I felt comfortable dosing him with Tylenol and Ibuprofen and playing Momma, RN.  However on New Year's Eve day, I went ahead and gave the pediatrician a call, who suggested we go to an after hours clinic because the fevers wouldn't subside.  I honestly thought we'd be in and out at after hours and even joked with my mom on the way over that Harrison needed to look "a little sicker so they wouldn't laugh at me!"  Well it didn't take long for him to decide to do that.  His temperature at the after hours clinic was a whopping 104.5! He was covered in a red rash and so puny.  It was awful.  

They did a full work-up on him, as I expected.  His fever eventually came down to 101 and we were ready to head home after 3 hours of waiting and testing.  I was chatting with the doctor and Harrison was drifting off to sleep when he started startling with a jerk.  He did it several times, which confused our doctor.  She immediately sent us to the ER, concerned this was some sort of seizure activity.  I opted to drive us downtown (instead of paying $750 for the ambulance ride).  After being in the ER, everyone concurred that Harrison was doing the normal falling asleep jerk that you sometimes do--however these can be intensified when you have a fever.  In the ER, the doctors also noticed small pinpoint bruises on his arms and face, so he had blood cultures drawn, an IV placed and a dose of antibiotics given.  It was horrific to watch your own child being poked and prodded--definitely a different view being on that side of the bed.

We finally got home about 4am.  Harrison, although still not himself, is feeling much better and no fevers!! 

I am an awful momma and made Brian take this picture--I hope this is the only one we ever have to take.