Hanging out at Auntie Jen's

I have the best friends in the entire world.  Living in Indianapolis has not been the easiest transition for our little family, but having my girlfriends has been my saving grace.  Whether we're laughing so hard we pee our pants (because after having babies, that happens!), crying on one another's shoulder or just plain hanging out, we always will have each other.  It just goes to show that FAMILY are the people who are there for you and it has nothing to do with actually be related.  So thank you friendsies!

Yesterday we had a playdate at Auntie Jen's house.  Toys are so much cooler when they are someone else's toys!
Brooks and Aaron destroying the playroom
 Micah, the solo little girl, played little momma to Grayson
 Poor Grayson all dolled up
 A doll stroller for baby Grayson

 The boys were fascinated with Micah's doll strollers
 Aunt Jen and sweet baby Grayson

Yet Another Museum Trip

Because Indiana's weather is so crappy, we have been searching high and low for things to do outside of the house.  So another trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum was in order.  That membership was well worth the money!

Playing together at the new Dora exhibit.                                                                              
 Big brother Harrison helping Brooks with the coins
 Music time!
 Aside from the train table, the dinosaur table is Harrison's favorite spot
 Choo choo


Sleepy Sillies

Bedtime around these parts can turn into pure chaos. The boys love to run around and wrestle after their baths, so we occasionally (more like daily) get some sleepy sillies that set in.

Too busy to look at the camera while saying "cheese"
Brooks doing a little jig
And walking like a superstar!


Good morning, Harrison. It's only 6am, so it seems only fitting that you be awake. And, oh what's that say you say? You want to play Candyland. Why, sure, that's a fantastic idea. Oh Daddy, Harrison wants to play a game with you before you go to work.

Dear Weather...

Indiana has 4 distinct seasons... it's one of the reasons why I love living here. However, I do not appreciate a tease of spring one day followed by snow flurries the very next day. Flip flops and walks in the sunshine (and wondering if the kiddos and I need a little SPF) and now we are sporting Uggs and fleeces. So please Mr. Weather, make up your dang mind.

Harrison in his new cool dude shades ready for some sunshine
Yesterday we spent the day outdoors playing in the sunshine. Harrison blew bubbles with
his new toy (read: one of Brooks' new birthday toys)

While Brooks happily sat in his stroller eating puffs by the handful.



Our sweet baby Brooks turned one 2 weeks ago. It is so hard to believe how fast he has grown. He is now walking! He can take about 10 steps before tumbling over. He loves to push around his walking toys and his push cars. He watches Harrison intently and laughs at him constantly.
We headed to Brooks' one year appointment at a new pediatrician's office. He did fine until we had to wait over an hour for his shots. Let's just say this momma was not happy. I snapped a couple pics from the horrific experience.

One angry baby
I had to add this picture of Harrison putting together his new puzzle
He is a puzzle pro.

Harrison playing hide-and-seek
Birthday Baby!
Cupcake time.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


1st Birthday Pictures

We took Brooks to get his one year photos this afternoon at Portrait Innovations. Not too shabby for a big box photo store. And the photographer didn't do too shabby for wrangling a 1 year old beast (because that's how he was acting.)

Sweet boy, you've grown too fast.



I was cleaning the kitchen, when I noticed Harrison walking out of my bedroom. When I looked up again, he was sporting my sparkly headband. He looks "pretty cute" as Harrison would say.

What Happens in Vegas...

Brian and I are were lucky enough to dash away to Vegas for a couple of days. The boys stayed with GiGi and Pa and Miss Beth had them the last night (thank you all!) We had a fantastic time, complete with adult beverages and nice dinners, uninterrupted sleep, gambling, shows and dancing. We missed our boys so much, but it was GREAT to get away!

Our view from the MGM Signature
Night out to Coyote Ugly (oh we sooo went there!)
Wish I could say we won a ton of money, but no such luck
Walked a mile in the cold wind to get a picture by this dang sign