Traveling Fools

Georgia one weekend, Iowa the next and then Virginia the next weekend.  I.AM.EXHAUSTED. In short, we visited GA to house hunt, we bought a house, headed to IA to visit family, came home for a couple of days so that I could pack Harrison and I to go to Virginia Beach to visit my brother and his fiancee.  Somewhere in that last bit, Harrison decided he wanted to start potty-training.  He has done exceptionally well... and the less diapers I have to buy is just a bonus!

So Virginia was wonderful! It was a quick trip but well worth it.  Harrison had a blast romping around on the beach with Uncle Buggy!

Loving the moving walkway at the airport with GiGi and Pa

Cheesing for his airplane photo

Uncle Buggy insisted Harrison wear this 'skater boy' 
hat to the beach

Big Ocean: Little Boy

Uncle Buggy and Auntie Lauren

Harrison playing with his chopsticks (used them as drumsticks) at
the Hibachi grill

...I tried

At the cupcake shop trying to decide which one looked 
the tastiest 

Harrison, the little fish!

Family photo! 



We made a quick trip to Iowa for the weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa Ludwig, aunts, uncles and cousins, Madalynn and baby Ellie! The boys had a blast playing ball, blowing bubbles, cuddling and snacking at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Brooks and Pa 
 We took a trip to the River Museum!
 Checking out snakes with Grandpa
 Couldn't even pause for a picture
 Walking logs with Dada
 Coloring pictures with Madalynn and Grandma
 Reading books with Uncle Jake
 Playing bean bags!
 Grandpa and Grandma with all their grandbabies
 Uncooperative and tired boys pose for one last photo
 And less than 10 minutes into our drive, he was out
 It was a long weekend for this little guy... he had lots of napping opportunities! 



Feeding the Geese
(Harrison will say "ONE goose. TWO geese!" starting to learn plurals!)
Sweet Brooksey smiles
 An ABC walk
 Hand in Hand