3 pounds already!

29 weeks has just flown by with Baby Luds #2!  At my visit last week, the doctor said I was measuring a little big and given that Harrison was a big boy born 3 weeks early--it is likely that this kiddo will be rocking the chub, as well.  

Today, I opted to have an extra ultrasound just for the sneak peak.  While we were so happy to see that little face, Baby was less than cooperative and kept his hand up by his cheek.  We did get some great shots (hand included) and the tech did a few measurements to check his size.  He is currently measuring just a little big, weighing an estimated 3 pounds 3 ounces.  The tech commented on the length of his legs, which considering we have no height in our family, leaves Brian pondering how tall the postman is! :)  Kidding, of course!

So sleepy (with hand on the head, of course!)
Check out that cute little nose!
This pic is his two little feet with curled toes


No Clothes

Harrison thoroughly enjoys being without clothes.  He also enjoys brushing his teeth.  Both make for an interesting bathtime.  Last night, I chased Harrison around while he ran and hid in the spare room.  
Closing the door on me! See the toothbrush!
And he's off...


Christmas Fun

Opening his stocking on Christmas Eve. 
Santa came! Don't mind Harrison's "dumb face" as we call it.  
A pro at opening presents
A new hat and scarf from GiGi and Gramps
"What do you mean there are no more presents?"
Daddy playing in Harrison's new tent
A giant sugar cookie from GiGi!
Reading books
Playing at the park the day after Christmas-we will NEVER be able to do this again!
Going down the big boy slide with GiGi


Cookies, Santa and Boots! Oh my!

Our Birmingham buddies at a Christmas cookie exchange.  It was impossible to get all the kids to look in one direction.  This was the best I got!

Harrison, Charlotte, Abby (who was NOT happy) Annika, Addie and Cole
GiGi is in town visiting and lets me wear her boots! Don't you know thigh high boots are all the rave! 
Had to include this photo of Dakota! She came downstairs from a nap and still had her blanket on!
Harrison's new Pottery Barn chair, which he loves
Umm and Dakota thinks this it's her new bed.
Can I have some more cookies, Mom?
Ho! Ho! Ho!


For Dakota's Friend Dizzle

See Daisy--you're not the only one who has to pose for the camera. 
Check our our friend's blog over here to see their cute kiddos and adorable dog!


Baby Bellies!

As I did when I was pregnant with Harrison, I have been taking weekly belly pictures.  I thought I would throw a couple comparison pictures on here to share with my blogger friends.  I secretly (ok sometimes not so secretly) have my fingers crossed that our second little fellow is a little smaller than Harrison was.  I can only imagine how much this baby will weigh if I go to my due date!  I have been overanalyzing my Harrison belly with New Baby belly!  

Harrison Belly!
New Baby belly!
PS-all the maternity clothes I own are some form of sweatpant or t-shirt. Sorry for the lack of variety! 

Silent Night

Brian had several Christmas parties this past week, which we were lucky enough to attend.  Thankfully, we have found a couple of great babysitters in Birmingham.  It was nice to have a 'date night' and uninterrupted adult conversation!  

Momma's Little Helper

Harrison loves to "help" do just about anything.  He throws away his diapers in the garbage, tries to climb in his highchair for meals, and now he is doing laundry!  I figure the more I can teach him now before the baby comes, the better!  :)  Nevermind his AWFUL hair in these pictures.  He had a morning bath and then played outside with his hat on--the perfect recipe for hat head! 

Thank goodness for the CHILD LOCK button!


Sleepy Baby & TV Junkie

This is the second time Harrison has totally cashed out in the highchair.  I was mixing up his yogurt as he was gabbing away, then there was silence.  This is what I found.  

He has officially discovered the TV.  I believe he is watching the Today show.  
He has great taste in morning television. 
GiGi sent Harrison all the classic Christmas movies, so we watched Frosty tonight.  Well, let's be honest, we watched about 5 minutes.  But I took a picture anyway. 

Oh Christmas Tree

We ventured out to buy a real Christmas tree this year (well if you count going to Home Depot as venturing).  We've always wanted to have a real tree, both of us growing up having artificial trees.  It was kind of thrilling driving home with a tree on top of our car!  

Gretta the Jetta with tree!
Harrison "helping" decorate

Thankfully, the novelty of the tree has worn off and Harrison has lost interest in the shiny bulbs and lights.  However, the pretty wrapped presents under the tree tempt him.  I think on  Christmas morning he will be more impressed with shredding the paper than the gifts themselves.  


Gobble! Gobble!

We have had a great week, especially since Grandma and Grandpa Ludwig are visiting.  Harrison has enjoyed the extra snuggles and attention with his Iowa family.  We showed Grandma and Grandpa around town, complete with a trip to the Birmingham zoo.  We have also been out on the town shopping and dinner dates! 

Our little stud with his rocking hat
The new scrunch face
Complete scrunch face with eyes closed of course!

Harrison and his "lady friends" Charlotte and Addie on Thanksgiving! 
The girls live up the street (doing same sports fellowship) and their momma sure 
keeps me sane and laughing!! 
Disclaimer: No children were hurt during this photo!! So Dakota, our mouthy dog, has a bark collar.  Note-it does NOT work, yet we put it on the dog because she thinks it works.  The piece of the bark collar that could zap the dog if she barked is not even attached anymore.  Anyways, Harrison was playing with Dakota's toys today and came around the corner "wearing" the collar! Priceless.

For those who have been asking...
And finally the second little turkey-- roasting away at 24 weeks.
The belly is expanding at a very fast pace! 


14 Months

His best friend is truly his dog! Although I think if Dakota could talk, she would have something to say about this.
Dakota often stands as a "bridge" for Harrison.

He loves to put our shoes on the table-notice the dress shoes on the end table? Shoe fetish at an early age?--I hope not. 

Where's Harrison?
There he is! Peek-a-boo. Definition- an endless game we play everyday.

New Milestones-- walking everywhere, giving high fives, raising his hands in response to "SOO big", collecting acorns, sorting and stacking, throwing tantrums (Momma's least favorite), saying "up" "duck" "mom" "dad" and "ko" (meaning Dakota of course!) playing with his latch puzzle (thanks Mattson's)and reading lift-the-flap books.  He has 8 teeth total and his bottom molars are working their way through.  

He's a happy little monster most days and definitely keeps me on my toes. 
And he's off...


Happy Fall Ya'll

There are decorations galore that say "Happy Fall Ya'll" down here--so I thought it would only be fitting to entitle our post the same.  It's finally starting to turn a little cooler here in Birmingham, but not nearly as cool as it is in Wisconsin! We are enjoying being outside in the milder temperatures, especially when we can still wear shorts.  

Our little pumpkin