Harrison and I had a great trip to Indianapolis.  The flights weren't too shabby and Harrison didn't cause too much of a ruckus.  I just cringed each time he started to fuss and of course I would get "the look" from nearby passengers.  Thankfully, on our trip back to Madison, there were extra seats and I was able to bring aboard his carseat, where he snoozed like an angel. Here is Harrison chilling in an airport terminal.
We met little Griffin, who is just plain adorable.  He is a peanut and next to Harrison, he looks literally like a string bean!  We also had the opportunity to catch up with Micah Grace, who is growing like weed.  After spending an afternoon with Micah, who is 18 months, I am thankful that I still have some time where Harrison is containable and content.  The girls (Jen and Brit) took our 3 kiddos and had their pictures taken at a great photographer in Indianapolis.  They photos turned out gorgeous.  Check them out :  www.jamiesangarblog.com  You may have to scroll through a few pages to get to our shoot.

My mom was also in town, so I was able to sneak out with my girlfriends.  It felt so great to have a few drinks and be with the people who mean the world to me.  I have really missed my friends!  And of course, my mom had a fabulous time with Harrison! 
While home, I was also able to talk to my baby brother, Matthew, who is currently deployed.  He is in port in Bahrain now and was able to call.  He sounds like he's matured so much, which for those that know him, is a VERY good thing!  
Harrison is still sporting a mini mullet, but he's happy about it.  His gut continues to expand. He has yet to roll over and I wonder if he will.  When I put him on his belly, he flings his arms out to the side and screams.  He looks like a bug that's stuck on it's back.  It's quite hilarious.


Friday Fog

Because I am exhausted and realize that I haven't updated the blog this week, here is a quick photo of the bean.  More updates to come soon.


The Next Biggest Loser Contestant

Weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds 14 ounces, Harrison is the front runner for the chubbiest kid on the block.  The rolls are endless and he is rapidly outgrowing his clothes.  

At his 4 month check-up, the medical student who examined him asked "WHAT are you feeding him?"  implying that it must be french fries and ice cream!  Nope, he's just a fat and happy kid.  In fact, when people ask how Harrison is doing, my usual reply is "he's fat and happy."  Other than being a ginormous baby, he is healthy and meeting his milestones.  This past week, we have been attempting to feed him rice cereal.  He still doesn't quite have the hang of it, but he doesn't do too shabby.  He is a "chatty Charlie" and is now recently interested in watching Dakota, the dog. Dakota, on the other hand, is more interested in licking the leftover cereal off his face!  

Harrison and I are headed to Indiana this week to visit Jen and Micah, Brittany and Griffin, and family.  We are flying, which I am sure will be interesting, but traveling 6 hours with an infant alone didn't sound any more appealing.  Wish us luck!  Brian has already made plans with friends to have sushi-- I call it his "man date."  

More so than ever, we are looking forward to moving to Alabama this summer.  This Wisconsin winter is a bit chilly... tomorrow (with wind chill) the temperature will be -42!  Although I am sure this summer I will be wishing for temperatures less than 100 degrees!

That's all for now!


A letter

Dear Harrison-
You are just 2 days shy of your 4 month birthday.  It's amazing how much you have changed during these months.  We love watching you discover your surroundings, especially in the last few weeks.  Everything goes directly to your mouth.  You are sporting a bib these days due to your ineffective swallowing!  You love all things with lights and sounds, including your new activity jumper from Aunt Janice.  And of course we mustn't forget the crack star on your playmat.  You tell that silly star stories all day long.  You also love cuddling with your lovey and you keep your bink close during naps (when you decide to take them).  You are working on holding your porky little head and neck up when on your belly (the key words are "working on").  
We love your giggle (or piglet squeal as it sometimes sounds) and your little voice.  We laugh at your babbling and wonder what you are thinking.  We love reading bedtime stories and dream about the little boy you will become.  Each night we tuck you into bed, as we watch you drift into dreams of milk, we think how lucky we are to be your parents.  You are light of our lives and we can't wait to see what you will do next.  

Mom and Dad