A Day Out with Thomas

The Ludwig's headed south to Cordele, Georgia for some Thomas the Train fun.  Despite Harrison running a high fever and being as grouchy as can be, this momma dosed him up on Tylenol/Ibuprofen and we were off to the depot.  

It was a little chilly here (read 60s) and most of the kids were wearing coats and gloves.  I threw some hats I had in the car on the boys so they didn't feel left out. 

 The main attraction!

The sun was in his eyes.  Disregard the squint.

All aboard!

Brian and Brooksey

Brooks checking out the scenery as we headed across Lake Blackshear on the choo-choo!


Days Like These

Most days, these two are bickering with each other.  Whining, crying "Momma" because someone touched someone else, etc... Most days I play the referee, peeling one off of the other.  
But not this day. 
This day they hugged and played sweetly together. And I loved it.


My Favorite New Scent

Dear Paula Deen,
I heart your inexpensive line of candles at Walmart.  It makes my house smell all cozy and freshly-baked!


Back home again in Indiana...

The boys and I are were missing our Indy friends, so packed up and headed out of Georgia.

Two well-behaved little men on the plane
 We enjoyed another great museum trip! And we got to see the new frog exhibit!
 Brooks, who is cutting FIVE teeth, was tuckered
 Harrison and his best bud, Griffin
 Pa and Brooks
 Our classic "line the kids up" pictures
 How many kids can we fit in one car?!
 Harrison enjoying a giant cuppycake!


No Sprinkles!?

Harrison (a little difficult to understand) was one ticked off little boy! After an evening at the Georgia National Fair, we headed to Sonic to top off our healthy eating with some fab ice cream. Apparently Sonic was out chocolate ice cream today (not sure how an ice cream place runs out of that, but anywho...) 
So glad I captured this on film... 


Twin Oaks Farm

The boys and I drove to Forsyth today (about 45 mins from home) to meet up with a local MOPS chapter for a day at the farm.  While they spent most of their time climbing on the playground, we also fed the animals, picked mini pumpkins and took a hayride.  

Harrison loves to climb these days! (oh and notice the underwear? The boy is finally potty-trained)

Brooks is usually content to swing

"Here llama llama" (which came out something like "here bomba bomba!)

Feeding goats

Not a great picture, but proof that we were on the wagon!

Brooks and the pumpkins

 Harrison and the pumpkins

Choosing some mini pumpkins to take home



I've been a bad blogger, but I have great excuses.  There's a long list of craptastic things that I could go on and on and on about (like why every.single.person. asks me about a church 'home', preschool nightmares, no friends, no job) ... but that's boring.  Needless to say, this momma is having a tough time adjusting to her new life.

So here are a few new pictures of my guys, that's what you really want to see anyways, right?!

Such a big boy with his new haircut
Harrison and Christina (Brian's partner's daughter)
He adores her! Here she was reading him books.
Poor Brooks just got crayons
 FINALLY figured out how to pedal his trike!