Goodbyes and Hello!

Last day in Indy with our best buddies Griffin and Grayson!
 Snacktime on the deck
 It's HOT here... and I don't recommend taking walks at noon.  Lesson learned. 
We followed our walk with juicy popsicles!

 1st day of preschool
 Family photo


Last Days in Indy

We have been busy catching up with all of our friends and family before heading down to Georgia. Here are a few snapshots of latest happenings!

My Special Care Nursery friends...lots of babies and pregnant people!

What a stud.
 Playing cars with GiGi

Brooks snuggling with Great Grandma.  He has a new obsession with his pacifier and lovey
Me and Brit
Harrison and cousin Olivia
Brooks loves having a yard to run in! 
 Not willing to share his peanut butter crackers with Lola
 Loving some ice cream at GiGi and Pa's
 Garrett, Harrison and Brooks at the nature center

Indiana State Fair

We ventured to the Indiana State fair last week before Brian headed to Georgia.  The weather was perfect and the boys had a blast.

Checking out the moo cows

Brooks got up close and personal with the cows,
Harrison wasn't a fan. At all. 


Momma and Brooks!

Yes, I took Harrison on a jankity fair ride. And we liked it!

We ate lots of fried foods, including a fried twinkie!



A quick trip to the Indianapolis Zoo with our buddies, Griffin and Grayson, before we head 
down to Georgia!
Harrison, Griffin and Brooks checking out fishies
 Rocking a floppy hat!
 Grayson was saying "wow" to the penguins
 Sweet penguins
 A sleepy tiger
 Grayson and Griffin
 Harrison checking out the zebras
 Sleepy babies!
 Best buddies
 The boys loved the splash park

Finally Friends

These boys love each other.  They have finally figured out that they can be buddies.  
Love these pictures!

Project Runway Fail

Brooks was sick.  Harrison wanted to pick out his own outfit. 
This is what you get.

And those are navy socks with black shoes. Bonus!


The Paci Fairy visited...

Harrison will be 3 next month (what?! How can that be??) and it was time to say goodbye to the pacifier.  He only had it at naps and bedtime, but it was still a strong attachment.  I have asked him several times recently if he wanted to send the pacifiers to momma's babies at work (I'm sure everyone knows that I work in a NICU) and Harrison politely replied, "no thanks!" (Hey, at least we got the manners down!) But after mentioning that the Paci Fairy would bring him a big boy toy of his choice, he quickly changed his mind.

He gathered up his prized pacifiers, wrote a note with his big boy toy request and placed them in a bucket on the front porch.  That Paci Fairy had to run to Target at 9pm to find a dang dump truck... good thing she is a fantastic shopper!

It's been only a few days,  but his love for the paci is dwindling and the love affair with the dump truck has trumped all toys!