We painted pumpkins a few nights ago.  Harrison had a blast! 

Peek-a-boo Pumpkins!

Brooks' 1st pumpkin


Oh, Brother!

Sweet boys


Little Boys and Big Boys

We had a much needed playdate with the Brown boys today.  The "big boys" had a ton of fun running around outside.  And the "little boys" relaxed with their mommas.  

Little boy Brooks
Bright eyed little boy Grayson 
Big boys, Griffin and Harrison, playing chase
Big Boy Best Buds 
I think this is when I told H it was time to go and he told
me "NO!" 

One.Handsome. Dude

Brian's sister got married last weekend in Iowa and Harrison had the privilege of being the ringbear.  Before I lost my camera, I snagged a few pics of a sweet little boy in a big boy tux.  


7 Months!

Brooks is 7 months old!  He is jabbering away and army crawling! He pushes up on all four and goes after ALL of Harrison's toys.  Harrison is not so much a fan of someone else trying to play with his toys.  There will be many lessons of sharing in his future! 



Fall is my favorite time of year.  
Here are a few reasons why:
Colors changing
Leaves crunching
Pumpkin carving
Candles burning
Chili eating
Football watching

And now, a new reason... brothers in matching sweatshirts!



Almost there... 

This seriously cannot be normal.  Have you ever seen a kid that bends like this?!  I had to take a picture because I knew no one would believe that he does this.  Future yoga instructor... 

A Day at the Museum

Harrison visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum today with his little buddy Garrett.  Aside from Brooks having a TOTAL meltdown in the cafeteria, the day was spectacular.  We first went to the Playscape area where the boys played at the water table, the sand box and with the tractors.  This Playscape was "boy heaven."  A quick (and painful for this momma because of Brooks' drama) trip to the cafe and then we were off to check out the dinosaurs.  Harrison was slightly terrified of the loud roaring dino models.  And then there were the trains.... Choo Choo was pretty much all we heard for the afternoon.