A Few of Our Favorite Things

The boys are learning how to play better with each other, but they each have some favorite things.

Magnetic letters... unfortunately the only place to play with these on the dishwasher. Dang stainless steel fridge!

Brooksey LOVES bathtime and recently has enjoyed taking big boy showers!

Harrison really loves his new Design and Drill patterns
And nevermind the child's hair...he put too much hair gel in!

Both of the boys are OBsessed with playing games on our phones, computer, Kindle.. you name it, they want to play it.  I love this picture of all of my boys playing gadgets! 

Merry & Bright

Although we didn't travel home, we had a great first Christmas in Georgia.  The boys (especially Harrison) are great ages this year ad really enjoyed everything.  Harrison loved tearing open his gifts, while Brooks would rather have tested out each toy as he opened it.  The boys are so very lucky to have family and friends across the country who love them and sent some pretty awesome gifts!

O Christmas Tree 

A DIY Christmas Eve family pic

Handsome Harrison posing on momma's new bench (don't you just love it)!

Sweet Brooks loves his piano

And Harrison's favorite gift was his semi


A Christmas Teaser

Because I have a yuck cold and don't really feel like getting off the couch to upload Christmas Day photos, here is an adorable shot of Harrison doing a little dance with his present from Great Grandma!
More to come later this week... 


Christmas Concert Video

For those of you just dying to see Harrison sing his way through "O Come Let Us Adore Him" (we are talking to you GiGi!) here is a snip of his concert.  He took a lot of cues from little Analise!


O Come Let Us Adore Him

Harrison had his preschool Christmas concert last week and look how adorable he is! He was overheard singing O Come Let Us Adore him in the weeks leading up to his big show (especially at Chic Fil A instead of eating his dinner!) He is growing up so quickly and makes us so very proud!

Two little studs posing

Take #2

It was difficult to get a close up of him as there were are a ton of people there (insert side convo here: WTH is up with people saving seats at a fricking preschool concert? But you better bet that I am doing it next year!) Anyways, Harrison did a great job but he took a lot of clues from his friend Analise who is standing at his left. 


My Story

Before you look at the picture, listen to my story. 

I seriously debated on writing on such a topic, but due to the lack of knowledge, support, etc... I felt compelled to tell my story. There is nothing to be ashamed of; I did nothing wrong so why not share in hopes that I can help someone else. 

Brian and I were expecting Baby Luds #3 with an estimated due date of July 8th.  We were thrilled that our last baby was on his/her way! Although early in the pregnancy, we had already started making preparations, debating names, planning nurseries... 

I had a routine check-up the day before Thanksgiving that showed a healthy little nugget with a strong little heart at 7 weeks.  This being my 3rd pregnancy, I thought I was in the clear because I had seen the heartbeat.  Little did I know that less than 2 weeks later, our baby would be gone.  I started having some complications a mere 5 days after that ultrasound.  My OB told me based on my symptoms, it was likely that I would miscarry.  And I did 6 days later.  I was 9 weeks pregnant. 

I tell my story not for pity, but to say it happened.  I don't know why women keep infant loss/miscarriages tucked away as secrets.  It's a horrible reality that Brian and I have been dealing with for the last week.  We are unbelievably sad, but are thankful that we have two healthy boys who have kept us focused and busy.  We are blessed.  And while times are tough right now, we know that there is a plan for us and our family.  

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
Our angel baby. Forever in our hearts. 

GiGi Came to See Us!

GiGi came to visit! And boy were we thankful to have her here!

We built a gingerbread train (some of us ate more than decorated)

We celebrated GiGi's birthday!

We made Christmas cookies (some of us ate more than decorated here too!)

 We went to the parade
And then we had to say goodbye... we can't wait til you come back GiGi!

New Buddies

Hooray, we made some friends! Yesterday we headed out to meet Santa, have lunch with the jolly old man and play in the "Georgia snow" (aka bubbles!)

Hey kids, meet Santa!

Harrison, Alden and Miss Sadie snuggled up for storytime!

I hope they're friends forever!  

Playing in the snow

Brooks was exhausted and just stood in the bubbles

Boys will be boys. Climbing trees.

My sweet little men