It was time

After Brooks was mistaken for a girl, we knew it was time for a little trim.  So off we went!

He was such a good boy and sat so still! 
 A post-haircut pic, complete with a ketchup styling product. 



Anyone who has spoken to me, seen me or my Facebook knows that I have been dealing with some little pests for the last several weeks.  And I know you must all be thinking "oh Emily, it's JUST ants." Well I thought I'd post a few pics showing you exactly what I've been dealing with.  Thankfully, Billy, my bug guy has been a lifesaver and (knock on wood) I think they are gone.  My husband says all I talk about is ants, well now you can see why.

Be sure to click on each pic to see the full effect of the ants :)

Unfortunately I only have pictures of the ant infestation in my car.  Billy thinks they got in the car through the garage and nested (doesn't that sound lovely) in the underbody of the car.  But luckily we haven't seen any since Monday...


Three Years Old!

Life is grand when you're three.  You can throw enormous whiny fits and still eat cake, open presents and stay up late.  Kidding aside (except this is really how our day was) Harrison turned 3 today! He is such a sweet boy and is becoming more and more independent each day.

Some of his loves:
playing cars
coloring with markers
PB & J for every meal except when he gets McD's of course
movies (Cars. Nemo, and Toy Story)
bossing his brother around
playing computer games
chocolate milk
ice cream

Some things he despises:
all vegetables (can't even get him to eat Plum Organics purees anymore!)
being told no
going down slides

He is in the 2 year old room at preschool (cut off for the 3 year old room was Sept 1st) but his teacher suggested that he may be ready to move to the 3 year old room now.  She thought his attention span was longer than the other children in his class.  Also, she thought that Harrison already had a good grasp on what they were learning and that he may not be being challenged in the 2s room.

One of our biggest struggles currently is behavior and discipline.  Can we say NAUGHTY? We have discovered that our defense tactics needs to be beefed up a little bit... work in progress.

Harrison, our sweet and gentle boy, we love you! Happy birthday!

3 year old meltdown
 His trash truck cake (he'd begged for a trash truck birthday for months!)
 Momma and her baby boy
 Got his beloved trash truck from GiGi and Pa!
 And the nurse/ortho surgeon couple bought their son a 4-wheeler! It's a mini one for kids under 5, mind you. 


Our New Home

Well blogger friends, here are the much asked for pics of our new place.  We are still settling in and need a ton of decorating help, but slowly and surely we will make this our home.

Kitchen island
Another shot (laundry room in corner)
Breakfast area and patio to back deck
Living Room with my super cute new furniture! 
 Dining room (new furniture to be delivered in the next couple of weeks)
 Office, home to the land of half-empty boxes
Partially finished basement (concrete floors are stained, TV and media cabinet were left by previous owners) The basement will eventually have a guest suite, kitchenette, wine cellar, and media area.)
Guest bath on main floor (horrid shade of red...will be repainted!)
 Master bedroom (needs help, blinds to be put up....eventually)
 Master bath
Spare bed where all of our wonderful guests will stay! (Complete with your very own bath)
 Boys bathroom (chandelier will come down... wish I had a girl!)
 Boys playroom... a work in progress, as well.

We are ready for some visitors! 

18 months

Brooks, our sweet yet independent boy turns 18 months old today.  Gone is my snuggly guy and in his place is a toddler who wants to go, go, go.  

His Loves:
"zeezee" zebra lovey
reading books
pushing trucks
watching movies
going "bye bye"
Ozzy the cat
peas and carrots
fruit snacks, thanks to Harrison

His dislikes:
being told "no" 
all other veggies
diaper changes

While he isn't saying too much, he gets his point across. His words right now are momma, dada, bubba (for Harrison) bye bye, baby, Iggy and no and mm-hmm for yes!  I have to remind myself that Harrison didn't talk much at this age either, so I'm not worried at all about his later talking.  He is all-boy with no fears.  He loves to climb, dig in the dirt, run and play ball.  Brian and I have joked since he was small that he will definitely be the first to break a bone!  We also remember that when Harrison was 18 months, we also had a newborn!! And if schedule of babies would continue,  that my friends, would put me in the crazy house. 
Stay sweet, Brooks!