US Weekly (a bit dated)

We've been busy, B-U-S-Y! We made it to Indianapolis, moved all of our stuff into our fab little townhouse and hauled all the necessary stuff to my parents' house, where we've settled in for the last 3 weeks. I started orientation for my new job the Tuesday after we got in. Oh and should I mention here that I had some Gawd awful GI virus that left me bedridden the day before I started? Lovely.

Harrison is mostly daytime potty-trained and Brooks is as big as ever, loving him some cereal and applesauce! And the boy is FINALLY taking a pacifier and a bottle, which makes my life a tad more manageable.

So we're here and loving being back with family and friends. Brian will be here for good at the end of July. This will be a short little blog update for now. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks...
Our littlest dude
Brian and the boys on his short visit to Indy
Harrison adores the swimming pool
Mmm... cereal