Boys in their Bibs

Harrison and Brooks in their adorable bib overalls


Brooksey Campbell Cottontail

Brooks' little "lullabye" as you may call it goes something like this:

  "Brooksey Campbell Cottontail hopping down Bienville (our street)
Hippity hoppity! Harrison's on his way"
So it's not too brilliant, but it does rhyme. Give me some credit!  
But baby Brooks has totally been given the name Brooksey Cottontail. 

Is he not the longest 11 week old you have ever seen?!
Seriously he is like a giant!
And I personally think he is the cutest
11 week old I've ever seen!

Rough Life

Life sure is rough for Harrison.  
His Indy buddies, Micah & Aaron
stopped in on their way to the beach. We threw all the kiddos in the 
tub with a slew of toys.  Best bathtime EVER. 

And what could possibly be any more relaxing than
lounging in the sun with an orange


Brooks: 11 weeks!

My sweet little guy is 11 weeks old today! He is full of smiles and coos.  The colicky weeks are finally behind us, but definitely NOT forgotten or missed! My only hope for the upcoming weeks is that Brooks will learn to take a bottle, a pacifier or suck his thumb.  The human pacifier thing is getting slightly old.  :)

Love those gurgly grins
A rare shot of me (since I am usually behind the camera) 
with my sweet baby boy


A Tot in the Tub

Brooks is a little fish when it comes to water!


Boys will be boys...

Prior to a much needed haircut, Harrison thought he would 
try out the Bumbo seat
We "play chalk" every.single.dang.day
A happy Brooks (he loves watching TV...
bad habits starting early)
Compare and contrast anyone? 

Brooks: 10 weeks
Harrison: 4 months


Orange Beach 2010

On a whim, Brian and I decided to pack up the boys and head south to the beach.  It was about a 6 hour drive (a couple stops and the GPS taking us through Backwoods Alabama) but we finally got there.  The boys did great and it was a great little getaway.

Harrison dumped cookies ALL.OVER.HIMSELF
First time at the ocean!
Brooks and the ocean
B & B (look closely. Brooks is grinning!)
Harrison hated the ocean and when we asked if he wanted
to get in, he would shake his head and say "no."
But he loved the sand
This is the "it's time to go" face
Baby Brooks before we left-such a sweetie
So I couldn't get a great shot of this as we were zipping by but the sign reads
"Go to Church. Or the Devil will get you"


I Need a Haircut!

I think this is as close as I will get to having a little girl... don't tell Daddy that I put a ponytail in Harrison's hair! :)


Need a Ride?

If you celebrate a little too much this Cinco de Mayo, 
I've got a couple of great looking DDs.

Harrison and Addie giving
Charlotte a ride!

Brooks: 2 months

Brooks is the big 2 months old now!  We headed to the pediatrician yesterday for his well baby check (and FOUR shots!) Here are the new stats:

Weight 13 pounds 2 ounces
Length  24 inches
Head Circumference 15 1/4 inches


Is this where this goes?

These pictures need no explanation.... 

Stinky Pigs

We have always referred to Harrison's feet as his "stinky pigs."  The other night while changing Brooks into his jammies, Harrison came over to smell Brooks' piggies.  I was so glad my camera was close! The best part was when he said "mmm" after smelling them!


Grandma and Grandpa Ludwig visited from Iowa this past week and spoiled the boys rotten with lots of cuddles, treats and walks.  It was a nice relaxing week and the weather was perfect for afternoons in the sun.   We hope Grandma and Grandpa had as much fun as we did!  We know they won't miss the 6 am wake up calls or the 5 pm colic cries!

Strolling through the Botanical Gardens
Play-Doh with Grandma
G and G with the boys
Harrison totally zonked after a
day of play