Momma and her boys try to do a playdate with our baby friends as often as possible. It's the key to our winter boredom survival! So last week we headed out to see the Hursh twins andNoah. While it was absolute chaos, it was much needed and so fun! Brooks puked his orange lunch on poor Krista's beige carpet and Harrison pooped his pants. I was in the kitchen when I hear Krista ask Harrison to repeat what he said.. "I pooped" is what I hear. So much for those big boy underwear!

All in all, I was thankful for an afternoon with my girlfriends and their sweet babies! And my large McDonald's coke, of course!

Noah wants to crawl!
Big boys
The lonesome lady, Vivian
Sweet cheeks, Oliver
Harrison and the dogs bonded over yogurt melts
Mommas and babies

Oh Harrison!

Harrison Reid

first-born sweetness
nearly 2.5 years old!
loves his "baby Brooksey"
has mastered 25 piece puzzles
gives the best bedtime snuggles
loves Poptarts and Nutrigrain bars
still very shy, but loves his friends Garrett and Griffin
hates all veggies
goes to preschool 2 morning a week
memorizes his monthly bible verse from school
working on potty training
loves apples and caramel
has 2 crowns at the back of his head, which makes haircuts impossibly hard
can name about 10 dinosaurs and recognize them in books
"wuv you bomba" makes me melt everytime
clearly we need to work on pronunciating Ms (see above)
knows his letters and their sounds

Harrison, you are the sweetest and most gentle child. Your desire to learn and discover fascinates us every day. You are very much a little sponge and remember everything. You love Brooks and help to take care of him whenever you can. When he's napping, you constantly ask where he is. We love watching you interact with Brooks and help him learn new things. We are still working on sharing and potty training, but you aren't doing too shabby!
Harrison, thank you for being such a great little guy. Momma and Daddy love you so very much!

This was after Harrison had been put to bed. He came and sat at the top of the steps with his blankets and helmet. Apparently bedtime was keeping him from a very big game.

Love apples and caramel from McDs
Love his big brown eyes
And ketchup. How could we forget ketchup? Harrison LOVES his ketchup. He used it as war paint this day.


The boys love to jump on our bed and I am always up for free fun! Brooks just rams into the pillows and Harrison bounces around like a kangaroo. They could do this for an eternity, but I usually get tired of saving someone from falling off the side and breaking limbs.

Pausing in the play to say CHEESE
One of my favorites!
Action shot
Brooks-growing up so quickly
And sweet Harrison


Valentine's Day!

Harrison's "wee-school" had an ice cream party today, so Brooks and I ventured in to attend. They both had a fantastic time... and too much ice cream.


The Bounce Spot

Since the weather outside is quite frightful and these boys are driving me insane, I took a fieldtrip to The Bounce Spot. Harrison was a little timid at first, but found a sweet little friend who encouraged him to try all the big slides. Check out the cute clip of video with his buddy Tyler giving him a high-five. Too sweet.


Hey Baby, Need a Ride?

Harrison has enjoyed pushing Brooks around the house on this little car. It's moments like this that make me excited about the days ahead. I can only hope that these little guys are the best of friends.

Mischevious Little Boy

Oh the terrible twos... Harrison is an absolute pro at throwing fits, demanding fruit snacks, begging to watch Cars or Toy Story, pushing his brother, and saying "I can't!" Most of these times leave me feeling cornered and frustrated, but occasionally, he has me laughing. A couple of these I tried to grab on the camera....

This day, Harrison had refused his dinner. It was about his bedtime and I had just made myself a PB&J. I walked into the kitchen and came back to find this... Harrison LICKING my sandwich. Really?! Cue the begging, whining and whimpering when I told him that that was Momma's dinner!
And this photo..ahhh. This was the day Harrison helped himself to my deodorant and applied it liberally to his cheeks and forehead. And when I took it away because that cannot be good for the face, he screamed like I had forced him to eat it.