Park Fun in January

No complaints about being able to play outside in the January sunshine! 

Harrison and his friend Alden climbing the rock wall

This spinny thing is pretty fun! I kicked Brooks off so I could have a turn!

Three little monkeys!

Harrison and Alden hamming it up

Harrison and Pippa

Pippa is definitely Harrison's dog.  He lays on her like a pillow.  He tells her good morning everyday and kisses her every night before bed.  
So this scene is the norm at our house.  

Brooks and "Baby" Chandler

Brooks loves Chandler. He calls her "baby Chandler" 

Our conversations usually go like this:
Brooks: Momma! Chandler crying! 
Me: Ok Brooks I will be right there!
Brooks: I hold her! 

Party Time

Our little neighbor Adalynn turned 3 and had a fabulous birthday party on Saturday.  
Check out this cake! 

The boys really did love their Mickey ears... even though their faces don't show it

The boys love Chandler... they always ask to hold her.

Momma and her baby girl

Mini Me

Chandler 5 weeks in my baby dress

Me at 2 weeks in the same dress


Chandler: One Month

It's hard to believe one month ago, this sweet baby girl joined our family.  Everyone said how difficult our lives were going to be with three kids, and although it's only been one month, I feel like she fits in perfectly.  I told Brian last night that I couldn't imagine her NOT being with us.  It feels just right.  

Chandler at one month is becoming more alert.  She sleeps very well during the day (during the day being the key words here)  She is nursing like a champ, hence the chipmunk cheeks.  She eats about every 3 hours, like clockwork.  Nighttime is her fussy time.  Around 8 o'clock she starts getting cranky, but nothing that a little bouncing can't fix.  


Chandler's Birthday in Pictures

I am so lucky to have delivered at the hospital I work at.  I am also lucky enough to have made some pretty awesome friends while I've worked there.  Two of these ladies, Rachel and Laura, were kind enough to stay over after working all night to attend my delivery.  Laura played photographer while Rachel tended to baby Chandler.  What great memories they captured for us! 

Laura texted me on our drive to Macon and said to let her know when I was walking in... she met us at the bridge! It was 5:30 in the morning!

One last pregnant belly snapshot. I will add that despite the OR "rules" I did wear my contacts and make-up in... hello I needed to look good in these pictures! 

 My co-workers! Rachel on the left and Laura on the right.  These girls also kept me sane during my time off work. Love them! 

I walked into the OR, thankfully they didn't take a picture of my big white booty hanging out of my gown! 

Getting started

Everyone was making guesses on Chandler's weight, needless to say we were ALL wrong. Even Dr. Barnes was about a pound off.  

Jeri, the nurse midwife, said that Chandler had red hair when they pulled her out. Looking at these pictures from when she was brand new, it totally looks like those locks are red! 

Love those little lips! 

 Rachel checking over our sweet girl

And there it is folks, a gigantic baby girl born 2 weeks early! 


 Love this picture because Chandler is looking right up at Brian

Off to the newborn nursery 

Proud papa keeping a close eye


Sugar and Spice

Having a little girl feels totally different than having little boys.  I of course love them all equally, but little girls grow up to their momma's best friends.  I look forward to doing so many things with her that I did with my mom as a girl.  Playing Barbies and babies is just a few of those.  And let's be honest... dressing up a little girl is just SO much more fun! 

Luckily, everyone around here is in love with this little girl.

Hair bow... check! 

Hello bright eyes! 

2 weeks old

Dressed up special for her Pa today! 

16 days old, headed to the pediatrician.  She weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces! 

A Christmas to Remember

Christmas was so much fun this year! Harrison was totally into everything.  He loved Wilson, his Elf on the Shelf, he wrote letters to Santa and eagerly awaited the UPS man everyday, hoping there were packages for him! Brooks sort of understood what was going on, but loved the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments.  And Chandler slept peacefully through it all. 

The boys rearranged the Christmas presents everyday, making special note of where each one was placed.  Having Aunts Keri and Julie, Aunt Janice Uncle Buggy, Great Grandma June and GiGi and Pa out of town means that their presents arrived early!  We were so thankful to have my family here for the holidays.  I think everyone was excited to see the boys open their gifts on Christmas morning (they may not have enjoyed the 7 am wake up though!) 

After Santa's visit (the boys each got Razor scooters this year)

Baking cookies with GiGi on Christmas Eve.  Harrison left out 4 cookies for Santa this year because that's how old HE is! Boy, will we be in trouble when he turns 6,7,8,9!

 The boys love Chandler.  They love holding her and letting me know when she has her eyes open! 

 Chandler on Christmas Eve (12 days old)

Uncle Buggy cuddling Chandler

 Uncle Buggy bought the boys guitars for Christmas! 

 Chandler on Christmas morning (Thank you Krista for our super cute outfit!)

OH WOW!! Presents! 

Spoiled rotten! Aunt Janice wins the prize for favorite gift! The RescueBots were a huge hit! 

 Sweet boys Christmas night

GiGi and Pa were on kitchen duty on Christmas! A Guerrieri style lasagna with meatballs was what we feasted on! 

 The best present I could ever ask for! 

GiGi and Pa with their grandbaby