18 weeks

Oh hello there baby bump.  You seem to have popped out a little bit sooner this time around!

Life at the Shore!

We were lucky enough to sneak away to New Jersey for a long weekend to visit our Bama friends, the Campbell's.  We had a great time catching up with our old pals and taking in all the sights of the Northeast. 

We spent Friday at the beach, where Harrison leaped into the ocean head first!

After VERY short encouraged breaks, Harrison was begging Brian to take him back out. 

Four buddies reunited in the sand!

After our beach day, we came home for naps and then hopped in the hot tub for a little swim. 

The night was followed up with a delicious dinner and ice cream!

The boys loved playing Mrs Sue, who kept the kids entertained with puzzles and books while the mommas and daddies relaxed

Saturday the weather wasn't as great, but we still had a great time watching movies and hanging out. Saturday evening, we headed to Point Pleasant, where the good old Jersey Shore crew hangs out.  Unfortunately, we had no sightings of anyone famous.  

Checking out the ocean

The kids loved the boardwalk and all the fun that came with it!

Brooks loved his ice cream

Family picture...Failure.

Former Bama meets Jersey!



The boys watched their first ever episode of Flinstones Saturday and loved it! I was just happy to see a cartoon that I grew up with still on TV. See I am not that old AT ALL.  :)


Our Big Surprise!

My momma came in town for a long weekend and we usually try to sneak away for a day to have lunch and shop, etc... I had my 16 week appointment already scheduled for Friday, so I called the OB office to ask if we could have an "elective" ultrasound to find out the baby's gender a few weeks early. They were more than happy to oblige so Mom and I skipped off to the US.  We had the technician put the baby's gender photos in an envelope and had her call in a cupcake order to our grocery store.  Brian was working that day and I didn't want to find out the news without him!

Sweet baby at 16 weeks, measuring 5 ounces, sucking hands

Our cupcakes filled with pink or blue icing... only a bite away from finding out!

Make that about 3 bites away from finding out.... IT'S A GIRL!!

And here's the proof shot!  We are over the moon excited about having a sweet baby girl to complete our family (and yes, we ARE done!) 



We snuck away for a few days to relax down by the coast. We stayed near Daytona in a peaceful little area called Palm Coast. The boys loved the ocean and Momma and Daddy loved the naps that followed!
Building castles

Poor boys both had bad boo-boos on their legs from the sand, hence the rolled up swim trunks

Bestest of friends

This little trooper stayed awake the entire 5 hour trip home, watching Pinocchio and Dolphin Tale

Little Mountain Man

Harrison is getting a teensy bit braver and wanted to climb this rock wall at the park. It's not an easy feat when you're three and wearing flip flops!

Corn Anyone?

Guess who loves corn on the cob?!