Just a boy and his daddy.

These Days

These days, Harrison is quite hilarious.  He is turning into a little boy right before our eyes.  He isn't talking yet, but jibber jabbers all day.   

He loves to stack blocks and knock them over
He loves to put anything into any sort of container and then dump it out, of course. 
The kitchen drawers are some of his favorite hiding places.
Finally figured out how the popper toy works. 
Loves to push his walker toys up and down our street.  This kid is LAZY! He could walk on his own if he wanted to, but he turns into a limp noodle if you try and stand him up.
Look closely...the meltdown is starting
This picture is classic Harrison lately. If he is done with something, he puts his head down and cries.  Seriously, how do they learn this stuff? A tad dramatic.


Gap Photo Contest

So after checking out another momma's blog, I entered Harrison into a Gap baby photo contest!  I'm a *bit* biased, but I think he's the sweetest, cutest little guy.  So why not give it a shot, right? To vote for the little dude, please click the link below.  For our devoted fans, you can vote every 24 hours!  

Won't you please vote for my sweet face? 


Best Friends and Babies

Our trip to Indy was a success!  We made the drive in less than 8 hours and Harrison was trooper in the car.  Granted, I was reciting "Mr. Brown Can Moo" and "Hop on Pop" often, but it worked regardless.  We stayed with one of my bestest friends, Brittany, who has a little guy, Griffin. (you can check out their blog on the right) The boys loved playing together.  I guess I would call it playing... but it was more like taking whatever toy the other one was playing with. 

Boys and their toys
Shirtless Griffin

Our other bestest bud, Jen, came over with her crew to play, as well.  She has Micah, who is 2 and new baby Aaron, who is 12 weeks. Check out her blog to the right!  

Baby Aaron
Sharing a teething ring
Look at those big blue eyes
Griffin and Harrison in the rocks 
They both loved the vacuum cleaner
Harrison pushed Brittany's old-school vacuum 
Boys ready for bathtime
Baby bottoms
NEW TOY ALERT- you must get this flashing sprinkler starfish! Thanks Jen!
Attempt at a photo of the babies-Micah, Harrison, Griffin, and Aaron
Visit with Great-Grandma June
Ladies Night Out-the random dude was as old as my dad and completely wasted.  But on a positive note, he bought our drinks (mine was a Coke, no fear)
Dianna, Katie, me, Brittany and Jen


Beep Beep!!

Harrison's Auntie Keri (who recently got engaged!!!) sent him a new vehicle for his birthday.  He has already become a pro at pushing the car room to room.  And he enjoys getting pushed around in the car, but has yet to figure out how to use his feet to make the car go.  

His little friends are loving the new car, as well.  It was a big hit at the party! Thanks Keri!

Cole, who was climbing through the car and then sliding out the back.  
Check out that smile!
One of Harrison's girlfriends, Hailey, taking her turn in the car.

Birmingham Zoo

When my parents came to visit, we had the chance to go the Birmingham Zoo.  It wasn't too hot or crowded and we had a great time.  Harrison had his first carousel ride.  He was a little nervous at first, holding onto Brian extra tight, but in the end, he really enjoyed it.  I would put up a picture of him on the carousel, but I'm in all the pictures and I look awful (you know the whole chubby gut you get at the end of the first trimester--yep, got it!). 

With GiGi and Grandpa, looking a little sleepy
Posing with a bunny
Unimpressed with the monkeys 
With Grandpa, checking out the piggies


I'm ONE!

Our baby boy will turn ONE tomorrow.  It brings out so many emotions.  I am sad at how quickly he has grown into a little boy, yet so amazed at what he has learned.  Today, we had a get together with Harrison's little Birmingham pals.  My parents were also in town from Seattle--thank God because I needed a good dose of family!  It has been quite the lonely life here in Bama.  Brian has been super busy, but enjoying every minute.  He spent the day in Atlanta Saturday, where he attended a Jacksonville State football game and the big Crimson Tide game (on the sideline, of course).  Football season will be a LONG one, I'm afraid.

Here is a quick pic from Harrison's shindig!