2008 in Pictures

I stole this idea from another blogger and thought it would be a good post.  What a year!  

January (a rare night out)

February (trip to Indy-telling the girls)

March (new haircut and new belly)

April (girls' trip to WI)

May (our anniversary and it's a boy!)

June (girls' trip to Lake Michigan)

July (baby shower & bedrest)

 August (pee in a jug for protein count-story of the month)

September (the best month of all)

October (Halloween Boo Hoo)

November (baby in the sink)

December (pic with Daddy in front of tree)


"All the single ladies"

Single white male who loves long walks in the Bjorn, warm bottles at midnight, cuddling close, afternoon napping, and classic movies like Baby Mozart and Baby Galileo is seeking all the single ladies.  :)  (We often listen to Beyonce around our house!)

He may be short, round and sporting a mullet, but we think he's just the cutest.  This is our new favorite picture of our "little man".  


Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!  We hope everyone enjoys the holidays (and stays warm!)  A special shout out to Brittany and Jason--congrats on your little Christmas gift! Welcome to the world Griffin!  Can't wait to get home and meet him. 


~Harrison's Photo Shoot~

Harrison humored me and let me take a slew of photos of him.  We went to a holiday party hosted by our mom-baby group we try and go to once a week.  I, of course, had to dress him up! We don't get out too often, especially now that winter is in full swing (complete with oodles of snow and frigid cold), so we take full advantage of playing dress-up.  I thought these were "blog-worthy!"

This pic is of "the bean" with Hawkeye beanbags for Dad's Christmas gift... we got him Cornhole!  (shhh--don't tell!)

This photo is of Harrison's baby pals Connor and Amelia.  They are all about the same age, but notice the size difference between them!  

And this last one I thought was just cute.  This hat makes him look like a little old man.  Note that he is wearing a drool ridden bib.  He apparently makes spit all day long, which he no longer likes to swallow, so he is a constant fountain of drool. 


Oink, Oink!

Harrison has turned into a piglet before our eyes.  He was 15 pounds at his 2 month visit and although I was shocked, I thought for sure he would hit a plateau at some point.  Well, apparently that point hasn't come yet.  I took him to see the pediatrician today because he has been extra fussy and running a slight fever (all is fine... no worries).  They weighed him and he weighs 16 pounds 12 ounces!!!!  Oink! Oink!  He is the poster child for childhood obesity in America with his rolls galore and chunky thighs.    



Well, we made it home.  It turned into a bit of an eventful trip.  Unfortunately, Brian's grandmother passed away while we were in Vancouver and we had to rearrange flights. Harrison and I spent a few extra days in Seattle with my parents, Brian flew home Thanksgiving, and we paid for my mom to fly home with Harrison and me.  Harrison did pretty well on the flights considering the lengthiness of the trip.  The worst part of flying is going through security!  Flying with a child is tough work with all the bags, carseat... and it doesn't help that everyone around you is in a hurry.  I won't be planning any cross country flights anytime in the near future!
We had a blast visiting our friends Todd and Alecia in Vancouver.  What a beautiful city!  We wish we could've spent more time touring, but we are thankful that we made it there period! Brian and I had our first experience playing the Wii at their house, and I think I have now finally convinced Brian that we NEED it!  We'll see what Santa brings.  :)  Thank you guys for having us!

And lastly, here are a few photos of the bean.  Thanks to my Dad who was Harrison's caddy while Mom and I shopped!